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Trying not to stress and would appreciate prayer

Friday, October 18, 2013

Does it ever seem, like it is always something? I am a firm believer God will never give us more than we can handle, but lately I think He thinks I can handle a lot more than I do. I have had chronic kidney failure since being on prilosec for laryngopharygeal reflux. Never knew I had reflux, never had heartburn, just started with a cough that wouldn't stop after coughing non-stop for 3 months and being on meds for different things to try to stop it ie: sinus infection, bronchitis, finally was referred to ENT who did a scope and diagnosed me. Put me on the prilosec and carafate and gave me a list of things not to eat and after a couple of months the coughing stopped. A couple months later while doing routing labwork my primary care MD noticed my creatinine was creeping up. We continued to monitor it and it continued to go up. So I was referred to a nephrologist. He went over things and the only changes were the 2 meds and he said prilosec can cause interstitial nephritis which could be the cause of my rising creatinine. He took me off that and said we will watch it and see what happens before we do a kidney biopsy or anything, He did some 24 hour urine tests which did show some kidney damage based on some of the levels. After being off the prilosec, my creatinine slowly started decreasing. It finally leveled out, still higher than normal and my GFR that shows your kidney function ended up at 46, which was high level moderate chronic kidney failure. But everything stayed there. So he was happy, said stay off the prilosec, put me on zantac instead and for a year my kidney numbers have been stable. I go see him every 6 months, no real change, see you in another 6 months. Well, now I have moved and found new nephrologists, who said they couldn't get me in to be seen until after January (I was due in November). Ok, no biggie, figured I would wait on my 6 month labs till December when my primary care MD wanted other labs done. Monday the nephrologist called, they had gotten everything they needed from my nephrologist in FL and they could set me up for an appt on Oct 28. Ok.... now it was rush to order my labs and get them drawn. I got the results this morning and my creatinne has shot back up, it has been hanging 1.2 (they like it less than 1) now it is 1.52, and my GFR went from 46 to 38. Still just moderate chronic renal failure but less than 30 moves you to severe chronic renal failure. Not sure what is going on, and why things have changed. But I know I praise God that the appt got moved up and labs got done before December. I know stress is not good for trying to lose weight. I have been more achy, but been doing more exercising so attributed it to that. But muscle aching can also be a sign of kidney issues. I have always drank a ton of water so that has never been an issue. My urine test showed calcium oxylate crystals which I haven't had since I had hyperparathyroidism and had the one enlarged gland removed, but then my blood calcium was high and it is normal now. I am trusting God, and trying not to stress about the numbers. Even after my strokes they were fine, so I can't say I think the strokes affected them. When I had surgery for Uterine Cancer the surgeon looked around and didn't see where it looked like it had spread at all so she never took any lymph nodes to check. I am really praying, trying to trust God in all of this, and not be stressed by the change in numbers and not knowing what they mean. I would appreciate prayer for all of this. Anyway, God is good and He knows what is going on. I am going to keep doing what I need to which is focusing on trying to lose weight, but I think I will decrease my protein some just in case.
Anyway....thanks in advance for the prayers.
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