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5K race results & Halloween Party pics!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Monday. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. Mine was pretty good. I had a 5K race on Saturday, and I went to a Halloween party on Saturday night.

The 5K race went pretty well! The course was mostly flat, and it was an out & back course. We ran across a dam and it was pretty windy near the lake! It was SO cold in the morning. I couldn't feel part of my left foot and my hands were so cold before the race! I had gloves and a jacket on before the race, but I didn't run with them on. Once we started running, my hands warmed up. Towards the end of the race, I even rolled up the sleeves on my fleece shirt! At least the sun was out and it wasn't raining! One of my friends raced with me. It was fun having someone else there who was also running. I had friends and family there to support me in the past, but they weren't running. My friend ran off There were a few cute dogs there (There was also a fun walk with dogs). The money went to the local SPCA, so it was great to see the money go to a cause I love to support.

My time was around 34:12. I am extremely happy with that race time. I came in 87/127. My best time recorded from another race is 33:53, and that was when I was training more often. I haven't ran much in the past few months. I have been doing kickboxing & pilates/spin, but I only ran a few times! Every time I run a race, I wish I trained more before it! My friend wants to do another race in the spring, so I would like to actually train for that one! Her time was under 30 minutes which was great! Since I don't train enough, my legs are still sore. It would be nice to run a 5K without having to walk at all during it. I walked less this past race, but I still had to walk some. I basically had to walk to catch my breath, and then I would run again. Since I have been doing kickboxing, my recovery time for my breath is much faster! My after race photo is below! and I put a picture of the lake too.

The Halloween party was pretty fun. I went as Briar Rose (sleeping beauty from the Grimm version of the story). I wish my hair was that long & curly!! My boyfriend went as 9 from the movie 9. The costume took a LONG time to make. All of out friends were saying they want us to make costumes for them now. He won Best Costume of the night, so that was fun. He is entering his work costume contest on Thursday. Maybe he will win! He won a $50 second place two years ago. First prize is $100 I think!

Yesterday I relaxed most of the day. I want to sleep in, but I went to bed at 2am and then woke up at 9. I am glad I didn't sleep the whole day away, but I wanted to get a little bit more sleep. Oh well - that is what happens when I am really excited and happy. I wake up happy and want to start the day off right away!

I have kickboxing tonight, but my legs are still really sore. I have to see how they are feeling tonight. The 10 weeks deal at the facility I bought is almost over. I am debating what I want to do next for my working out. Usually I look up online deals to find something new. Unfortunately I haven't found anything good lately. I still have the treadmill at my parent's house, and I should use it more often!

Have a wonderful week. Life has been varying quickly for me lately from happy, sad, stressful, loving etc. Even though life is stressful and tough situations come along all the time, we still have to do our best to handle them with thought, care, and strength! Life is what you make of it and NOW is important!

Actual 9 from the movie:

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