Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Can anyone tell me who to call to get a collection agency to stop calling?
They have been calling every weeks since Oct.. My grandson had an apartment and person below complained making too much noise. At 8PM would really be careful to tip toe didn't wear shoes. Well got a notice from landlord to get out by September 30th. on the first. Left third week end and came back to vacuum and was given a court paper. Went to court and judge said are you out the answer was yes. He said case dismissed. Figured the deposit would pay for the cleaning not does and the last week pay. He had a least until April 2014. That is the $3000 or what ever they keep telling him he needs to pay. The apartment has been rented since the second week of October. So I told him he owes nothing. They have his PO box to send court date. Doesn't want to give any of his friends address. He has lost his College scholarship last week for he can't concentrate. He is only 20 year and is trying to do good. He could get government money to live because of his brain damage of being thrown again wall and beaten as he was growing.

So if anyone know what I can tell him to get help please let us know. This is the state of ID. If that help you tell us what/who/where/how to do something.

thank you Sparkpeople wrote down your informaton.....
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    1. Find out what your legal rights are by searching the internet for Idaho Landlord Tenant Law.

    2. Every state is different. So you will have to do this for yourself.

    3. Go in person to the apt mgmt office. Ask for an itemized list of expenses FROM THE APT MANAGEMENT, not from the collection agency, not on the phone, do not argue, do not ask why, do not ask for an explanation, do not explain about all the things you detailed above. Ask for a written list of itemized expenses they are charging him / you / the account for. Make sure it is itemized, i.e. not a lump sum that you owe, but you want to identify each item that they are charging you for that goes into making the total. So it's important to use the right words, it's important to ask for an ITEMIZED list of all charges. In WRITING. If they want to mail it to you that's fine. They probably won't create it on the spot while you wait, unless they already have the list made and in their file, and therefore are able to make you a copy on the spot. Which would be a miracle.

    4. In most states, they cannot charge rent twice (you and the person they re-rented it to). In most states, if Renter A moves out on Jul 10, and they re-rent the apt to Renter B on Sept 1, then Renter A is only responsible for the unpaid rent between July 11 and August 30th, for example, assuming Renter A had already paid the rent through July 10, their payment wasn't late, and their payment didn't bounce. You have to find out what the law is in Idaho about this (see #1).

    5. There can be 20 different kinds of "court paper" concerning landlord tenant law. It is never enough to call it a "court paper". You have to know was it an eviction, and if so what for - was it suing for nonpayment of rent, or what? I am not talking about the story you told above, re, noise. I am talking about WHAT THE LEGAL NOTICE SAYS, not what you said. So you will need a copy of all notices, legal and non legal, keep them in a place you can find them. You will need to read it and find out. If you don't understand, ask someone to help that you can take the papers to.

    After you find out what your rights are, what they are charging you for on the itemized list, and what by law they are allowed to charge you, then you will understand why the collections is calling you. You cannot get them to stop calling you, until you straighten this out in the apts. If it turns out the apts are charging for something they're not allowed to charge you, then you can go back AFTER, separate trip, go back after you get the itemized list in writing, and try to settle with them.

    There are many dif kind of deposits. Last month's rent paid in advance for example, that deposit cannot be used for cleaning. Security deposit for damages, for example, that deposit cannot be used for unpaid rent, etc. etc. Find out what Idaho law also says about deposits, and evictions if the court papers say he was evicted, or suit for nonpayment of rent if that's what the court papers say, etc.

    The apt mgmt usually charges the renter for the costs of court filing and the apt's attorneys fees. Even if it's dismissed, they still had to file, and they had to pay fees to file. So it all depends on what the court papers say, what Idaho law says, and what the itemized list of stuff they are charging you for says. You have to unravel and define the mess; then go from there to get it resolved. Only after it's resolved, will collections stop calling.
    2716 days ago
    Report them to the BBB they have a form you can fill out. Next time they call answer and tell them you have filed a complaint with the FTC for harassment.
    2716 days ago
    I do hope these agencies help you with this irritating problem.
    2716 days ago

    This one walks you through the steps to take to stop them yourself. Hope this helps you.
    2717 days ago

    It looks like a law firm but they do have a place that they will look at it for free.
    2717 days ago
    i have no idea, sorry.
    Dr. Oz Show Fans Team
    2717 days ago
    Get caller-ID on your phone. If you don't know the phone number of the caller or it is blocked, don't answer it.
    2717 days ago
    You can contact the Idaho State Attorney General's office, consumer protection dept. They should be able to provide you with assistant. If you look it up on-line, you can find forms to file a complaint against whoever is calling / bothering you. emoticon
    2717 days ago
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