Friday, December 13, 2013

Alright... here's the deal.

I picked up my wedding dress yesterday.

I know! Crazy!

It is now safely stowed away in my stepdad's closet. where I won't have to move it and Tom won't sneak a peek.

The night before picking it up, I had a nightmare that it didn't fit. It was horrible. Like, it would go on, then not zip all the way up. GAH.

This nightmare did not come true, thank goodness... BUT... if I gain an ounce, this dress is toast.

Thankfully, I am already moving in the opposite direction, so all will be fine... but STILL. That dream! Oy!

ANYhoodle, I am posting the pics below of me in the dress yesterday so that I have something to compare with the actual big day. My hope is that we'll see some key differences:

- Sculpted shoulders/ arms
- A more toned back
- A thinner face

Ignore my hair (which is a hot mess) and the shoes (which are NOT the shoes I plan to wear for the wedding)... but how great is this dress?!

I didn't want to bust open the veil and all that, but here's a peek at what that will look like (as well as a closer look at the bodice detail):

So, stay tuned... this is the "before". The "after" will come on August 23rd, 2014. (Well... maybe not that exact day - I doubt there will be a lot of time for blogging on the actual day of the wedding!)

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