Thursday, December 26, 2013

do you ever just feel ....tired..... i mean..... exhausted.... drained.... like no matter which way you turn something else knocks you down or back a few just tired.......lots of people tell me i give really good advice....... i just dont know how to listen and take it i always down a funk.....miss being happy......where did my happiness go??? i have tons of things to be happy about.... tons of things to be greatful for.........why do i feel so down....
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    Could be most anything.
    Praise God, He knows the reason.
    I sing to Him to get my mind of 'stuff'.

    Phl 4:4. Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice
    2675 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11848877
    I get that way at times
    Usually it's because I'm not eating right or not exercising and in a flunk also
    I get back by drinking a smoothie with spinach, carrots, yogurt, some frozen fruit, silk whites, flax
    After a few days I get my energy back, but its very hard to get started.
    2687 days ago
    Have you been to the Dr. to find out if there is a reason for your feeling like that.
    2688 days ago
    2688 days ago
    I understand at least from my own perspective because I deal with that pretty regularly - usually when I'm facing the tasks which never end and which I don't enjoy and won't go away (like cleaning bathrooms) - getting to those tasks is a momumental struggle although once I get started that doom/gloom cloud usually lifts. No answers - big hug.
    2688 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14253479
    Well I haven't a clue what the specifics of your diet is but I do know that nutrition, or lack of it, plays a big part in our moods.

    A diet that has tons of fresh fruits, greens (as in green juice freshly made and green smoothies also freshly made) are important.

    Sleep is a winner also.

    I do not subscribe to covering up what one is feeling if it is unpleasant. Nor distractions from our moods.

    Do you realize how many people feel the way you do, including myself, most of the time? Most cover it up with substance abuse, including food!, blaming their condition on others or situations.

    Be at peace my friend. This too shall pass.

    2688 days ago
  • GENRE009
    Why are you tired? Do you really believe it is an emotional thing? Nope, sure the symptoms become emotional, you get cranky, irritable, tired, edgy, moody, no energy. All these and more is that you may be low in magnesium. Or you are going to long without food, and you blood sugar is crashing. or maybe you ate, but didn't eat right by eating complex carbs for energy. do you know what that is? it is vegetables or fruits or grains, real food, not man made or fast or non nutrients like twinkie or pop.The tired is that you may not be eating right. I have low blood sugar, and here is what I learned if you want energy you must eat every two hours,3 regular meals with 3 in between. the in between is usually a protein & a fruit, or one a day 2 tablespoons of nuts, like yogurt & fruit, a boiled egg & vegetables, humus & veg's, peanut butter & celery ,ect.. If you lack brain power, then you aren't eating enough protein. I know this advise is accurate cause I learned it to not become a diabetic emoticon or get high blood pressure. I hope it helps you. Did you read my blog you are what you eat. I also did a blog on the devil awaits you bout chemical reactions and how they affect you chemically. How foods create disease, and this coming week-end I will list the rainbow that I usually talk about eating. take care, keep trying. I will also following you blog, and hope we can be friends. I like to write about different things that stimulate thoughts, make you laugh ,poetry, stories ,ect want to take people back to where they broke their heart or last left it, grow in hope, and realize that love awaits them in their future. eva emoticon emoticon
    2688 days ago
    Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason for why we feel down... that happens to me also. I made a "happiness" list of things that generally make me happy. When I'm down I review the list and see if there is anything on my happiness list that gives me a clue. My happiness list includes things like eating healthy, exercising, house is clean and tidy, clean sheets, manicure / pedicure, reading a book, taking a hike, etc. I found it interesting that things on my happiness list really were "free". You might want to consider making your own list of things that make you feel happy. It is pretty eye opening. I haven't made a list of things that make me upset or unhappy but that might be a thought.

    2688 days ago
    Sweet lady only you can answer why you're down. You'll figure it out and be ok. I'll be praying for some happiness and eye opening for you!!

    emoticon emoticon
    2688 days ago
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