How do you define yourself? hummm.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I had a dream/euphony the other day I want to share. The other day I had a dream, in my dream this mean girl walked up to me and asked me why do you belong here?, and looked at me as if I didn't belong. (I had a walmart sweatshirt & jeans on) and she was looking down on me because of it.

My response: I belong Anywhere because I am kind person, honest, caring, good friend, dedicated wife and mom, & awesome gma and neighbor. I am wearing my walmart sweatshirt because I like it! I like who I am enough to wear whatever I like no matter where it comes from or how much it costs. Most of all I would never treat anyone like you are treating me. And that makes me a fine human being.

When asked by my friend why do you think you had that dream? My answer was because recently I traded my home of 30 yrs w/my DD, (she just had another baby and outgrew it) for her lil single wide in a rent controlled mobile home park. (I heard), There are ladies that I know who look down on this, I was amazed anyone cared to be critical of what I did. hummm . I am very happy here though. When I told my friend this she said "Maci what you did is beautiful and kind, never look at it any other way" those who would say such things aren't looking at who you are. Foolish women!

I wrote this blog because maybe you define yourself from the eyes of others instead of your own inner god guide. If so remember others only see things on how it effects them. IF you don't feel good, pretty, smart, kind, or classy enough because you aren't living up to others expectations. Time to turn your focus on your value system and see if maybe you are listening to others definition of you instead of your own. i now heavy stuff.

Get out there and enjoy life, get your exercise in, go dancing, wear your walmart clothes w/pride! Life is to short to let others define or dictate your life! oh life is good! Let's go live it!

My euphony was: My definition of who I am should come from me only! I define me now from my perception of me! God made us all to be the person we were meant to be. I am an original, and so are you! Woohoo!


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    Your so kind and athletic.....unique for sure.. emoticon
    2659 days ago
    That was one of the most caring and compassionate acts I have read in a long time. You are a true hero and your reward is most likely much greater for being so caring. God bless you! emoticon

    My blog "Minor Earthquake" was conveying my DH's childish ploy to show his anger with me. He purchased 2 steaks for he and our DD and failed to prepare anything for me. I fixed my own food, so all was good. Thanks for your

    Come back and see me some time soon and I will so the same! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2664 days ago
    Wonderfully well said, Maci!

    "Remember others only see things on how it effects them." It particularly speaks to how I've struggled at times with the cr@p thrown at me by extended family. I wish they and our relationships were different. I am at peace with taking the high road, doing what I think is right for my mother and myself. They are who they are.

    And as for my job - yes, I have lots of education and do work retail. This job suits me for now. And that is good enough!

    Now it is time to go work out - get some good energy flowing!

    Thank you for your blog, Maci!
    2674 days ago
  • EMMITT6485
    Well said Maci!!!! I could not agree more. What they think of me is Their problem, not mine. emoticon job!!
    2675 days ago
    This is a wonderful blog, Maci ! I use to worry what people thought of me years ago. That was because I had low self-esteem and was to afraid to love what God had created in me, even when I was at a healthy weight. It was when I gained weight and suffered a lot of critical looks and even nasty comments from strangers, family, and even doctors, I learned to stand up and say enough. I learned to love even my huge body and not be afraid. It was at that point of feeling all the pain, rejection, and loneliness I suffered, I turned to God for help. It changed my whole way of thinking about myself. It changed how I took care of myself once I accepted myself and learned that God gave me a purpose in life whether fat or skinny. I appreciate life and love the LORD. Thank you for sharing with us. So good to have you back.
    2675 days ago
    2675 days ago
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