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Thursday, January 23, 2014

G'day Sparkers

Last week I lost half a kilo, I am feeling positive of course knowing that 0.5 kg is only a tiny start, but a start nevertheless.

So, we moved house in October. and after living in the third area here on the Sunshine Coast I now have absolute proof that is DOES make a big difference where you live for your every day "exercise"

There is no doubt that I could not have done what I did when I started SPARKPEOPLE in Feb 2009 if I would not have lived in a very hilly Hinterland. The intensity of the walks, the 'not having another choice but to take on those hills' the feeling of exhilaration when you've finished another walk and conquered another hill.

After nearly two years I moved to an area where there were small lakes and great paths and every route was flat.
I thought I was going to "kill it" with my walks. Well.....
I used the car almost for every outing and I very rarely walked.
Even when we got a dog and I thought I would be walking heaps.... turned out, I didn't!
And after 3 years of trying so incredibly hard to fit in to suburbia, my hubby and I both knew, we were always going to feel out of place.

So we moved, to our old, "Shabby Shack" and now we are walking distance from the Beach... a coastline that takes our breath away every time we see it.

The village, is just that... " A Village "
I walk every single day at least once into the village, the dog gets great runs in the oval that is a stone throw from our home.
I am getting myself prepared as soon as the kids are back to school after this holiday that the challenging walk is going to start.
I will be following that coastline further and further as my health allows.

I WILL be getting stronger and stronger again. The fresh air and the new found energy is going to lift me up and I can not wait to increase the new found energy i have to levels that make it a wonderful experiences to share my energy with others.

I will be here, motivating you, and inspiring you as well as myself.

2013 is a mere shadow of what 2014 is going to bring us!

28th of january the twins are going back to school.......
I'm itching to get started and sharing my experiences with you all.

Keeping you posted....Dutchie emoticon

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