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In the beginning

Monday, January 27, 2014

In the beginning there was me. And a mission. And the two fused at the beginning of April, 2011. My journey is 3 years in the making- a drop in the bucket, really.

Without fanfare, without celebration I got myself together, mentally ready for this journey. It was so easy not caring about what I ate, having extra free time because I was not active. But that time in my life was coming to an end. I wanted cool clothes, I wanted to turn heads like I did when I was younger, I wanted to blend into a crowd and not be the largest in a room, I didn't want to feel uncomfortably big anymore, and I wanted to be fit. My reasons were not based on health, per say.

I quietly joined a gym. I started where I knew- with cardio (treadmill walking and elliptical) and weights. I kept my blinders on, going from exercise to exercise in my own little zone. I was not intimidated by anyone or any machine. I was inspired. I was on a mission. A mission to build a better butt.

Healthy foods replaced pre-packaged foods, and I stopped going out for meals often. I weighed and measured everything. All the deliciously tasty fresh foods I prepared were fuel for my fire.

I told no one at work. Not even my friends knew (except for 1- we started a weight-loss competition a couple weeks in, but she dropped out a couple months later). I had been down this road before- losing 70 lbs and regaining it all and then some. This time there would be no regain. This time was it, I thought to myself.

I started taking a few classes- yoga and bootcamp when I was 100lbs overweight. I modified it all. I sweated like a pig. And I kept going back. I even gave my bootcamp instructor a Christmas card because I was so happy with her classes. I don't know if she ever knew how much I loved the challenge. She did comment on my weight-loss though :)

Slowly, quietly, I made a couple friends at the gym. Slowly I branched out and tried new classes. And one day in October of 2011 I decided I wanted to be able to run. To outrun the zombies in case of a zombie apocalypse. In the beginning my goal was to make it the equivalent of a room's length or so without my lungs exploding. And each week I'd tack a little extra distance on. A friend I met at the gym told me about the run 10 walk 1 method, so when I got up to 10 minutes I could walk a minute. Woohoo! A glorious break to look forward to! I never thought I'd be a runner! What an exciting surprise.

And my group of friends through exercise grew. Bootcamp friends, running friends, boxing friends, kickboxing friends. People talk easily with me again, I seem to fit right in.

When I asked a friend who never knew me before the weight loss if she could tell I lost 100lbs she said, "NO! I would have never guessed."

If I wouldn't have ever lifted, or gone to bootcamps, or run, or boxed I would not look like I do now. I have some definition going on- I look toned. Granted, I still have more jiggle than I'd like, but hello! I've lost about 100lbs. I'm never going to look 'magazine perfect'. But I'd never look like this without the exercise. I have a bit to go, but I am humbled and empowered by my journey and strength to persevere every single day.

(this picture was taken last month and I'm working on dropping the 10lbs to get back here).

I've had many ups and downs on my journey. I've had smooth sailing, and bumpy roads when my motivation to eat healthily wanes and I have dove into a pan of homemade cinnamon buns or chips. I've lost and regained and lost again these last 20-30 lbs at least three times.

But I've never given up. Because to feel and look like I do compared to before is sooooooooo worth it to me! To know I can run at least a 10k at a drop of the hat, be physically fit, and fit some pretty cool clothes in sizes I never thought possible is a dream come true. And if I'm accomplishing these dreams I never thought possible, which ones are still out there that I don't yet know are going to happen? I must stay on my game, excitement and adventure may be just around the corner.

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