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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The second week of January my and my boyfriend were reeling from a constant stream of over indulging in food and drink, with the holiday, vacation, and the fact that we're in a new and very happy relationship. We decided to get back to routine with cooking meals at home weekly and working out again.

I'm 'running' with my dog 3 times a week, and try to keep only healthy options in the fridge and pantry. I'm not eating out or grabbing coffee everyday but we do have a cheat meal on the weekends. We are trying to limit ourselves to 1 bottle of wine a week. Everyday I'm trying to drink more water. Everything has been going to plan these past 3 weeks and it's been fun cooking with him and planning meals together. It's also A LOT more work. He helps me cook and grocery shop but I'm usually the meal planner, which can be challenging. Also, it feels like the dirty dishes are never ending with eating every meal at home. Packing my lunch for work everyday can be a struggle as well, and I'm in a new office that doesn't have a fridge yet, so that's been annoying.

Sounds like the changes have been pretty positive, right? EXCEPT, I haven't lost an OUNCE yet, and that's really frustrating.

When I was training to run my first 5k in October I was super motivated to crush my workouts. Now? I'm mainly only going out to make my dog and boyfriend happy. I do try to get my heart rate up, and I know it's better than sitting in front of the computer for another 30 minutes but I'm just not trying very hard. I have no motivation to get back to the running fitness level I was at. It's a struggle everyday I run to get dressed and head out.

As the diet goes, I am pretty strictly sticking with the meals we cook at home, which have to be more nutritious and healthier than all the dining out I was doing before. I'm also trying to limit my sugar intake (using Stevia, and making coffee at home) and not going to Starbucks every morning anymore which saves me money and is better for me in general. The main problem here is I'm not tracking my calories at all. I wanted to give myself time to transition into my new job (very sedentary job) and get into a routine of cooking and preparing healthy meals before I started restricting my calories. Well it's been several weeks now and I still have no motivation to track calories. I know it's the key, and always has been the key to my success before but I JUST DON'T WANNA. It's also been a major irritant to me that my boyfriend is bulking right now and his calorie allotment is about DOUBLE what mine is, if I were to restrict to lose weight. He's constantly trying to eat more and I'm constantly fighting the urge to binge.

I know I'm making positive changes and I need to stick to them to move forward, but I can't seem to tap into that fire in me that wants this so badly. I need an attitude adjustment, and it can't come soon enough.
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    I like the idea of tracking just one day a week, with preparing these meals in advance I'm basically eating the same thing everyday for a week anyways so that might actually be an option for me!

    I also like the idea of not tracking at all. I do try to focus on the positive changes but it's getting harder saying no to the chocolate cupcakes and chips in the office when I have NOTHING to show for ignoring them so far.

    I am proud of myself for taking these steps and it's fascinating to me that I have a supportive and kind partner in this journey for the first time ever so that much has been easy and fun!

    2653 days ago
    The changes you're making are good ones and I think it's best to make small changes a little at a time than a whole bunch of big changes all at once. You're more likely to stick to it if you do a little at a time. Well, most people..it's like quitting smoking...some have to wean off, 1 cig less at a time, others have to quit cold turkey. Whatever works for you.

    Getting out and moving is a great start, even if you're not up to running yet, you're passing all those people that are still on the couch!

    As for tracking food, I so can relate! I go in spurts...tracked obsessively for about 8 months, then didn't track anything for a year and gained weight back, then tracked for a little, then didn't...as much as I hate tracking, I know it's important for me because my "guesstimates" are NEVER as accurate as I think!!! If you're not ready to track regularly, how about tracking one day (honestly!) just to see what's happening versus what you think is happening.

    2 side notes...I make a ton of veggies or salad so I can mostly fill up on that stuff so my calories aren't crazy at times when I don't want to feel deprived because my husband is eating a ton or I'm with family and don't want to feel limited or leave the table still kind of hungry. Or I can go back for seconds and it'll be mostly veggies or late snack later. Veggies can be filling but low in cal, they've saved me many times. 2nd note-watch the wine! I love me a glass of wine, but those calories can be a killer! Can be 200 calories just in one glass!
    2653 days ago
    I see that you have brought about so many changes and a good attitude....I would start by congratulating myself (or yourself)....before taking the next step.
    2653 days ago
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    first of all, if you don't want to track, DON'T. horrible idea to force yourself to do something you don't want to do. 2nd, as long as you are actually making positive changes, focus on that. not what you were doing, but what you are doing NOW. that is the most important. trcking will come back when you are ready. i have been doing this over 10 years, have ALWAYS hated tracking and don't make a great effort to do it everyday. i pay attention to what i am eating, drinking, and exercising and if it is helping me feel better. the # on the scale is just that, a #. in the course of life, it has no meaning or importance.
    2653 days ago
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