You have to have faith

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Weight-wise, January was a tough month. Despite my best efforts, I was up a few pounds by the end of the year & in an uncomfortable place. Boggles my mind that I used to carry 30 lbs more around.

So I buckled down in January. And the scale.wouldn't.BUDGE.

So frustrating. Why exercise & eat right if you're not getting the results you want?

I've no doubt getting my period twice in January is a big part of the reason the scale wouldn't move. I've also no doubt that I would have gained if I hadn't continued with my healthy habits.

With that second period done, I finally lost weight. A big loss, for me, in fact.

I've no idea what is in store for me weight-wise this month. Of course I'd like to see another loss this week, but that doesn't usually happen for me after a big loss.

But January reminded me you have to have faith & trust the process.
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