My hypertonic hip flexors, or how I came to have a lazy bum

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Let me just emphasise: I ‘have’ a lazy bum, not I ‘am’ a lazy bum (although some people might question that in my new profession!)

I’ve mentioned my tight hips and thighs before, which initially started with me seeing a physio when I tried running, and now sees me at an amazing sports massage therapist every couple of months. Well things only seemed to be getting worse lately but a (possible) breakthrough came when I emailed this wonderful woman to ask where I could find some information on what muscles are meant to be in use when sitting and lying, because my hips and thighs now seem to be tensed, even when I’m lying down. And this really didn't seem right to me.

She came straight back and said I have hypertonic hip flexors, meaning they’re denser than they should be and so they get switched on when they shouldn’t be on.

You know when you have no idea how to fix an issue because you don’t know what’s wrong, and then you find out the answer and you know what to do to fix it? Yep, that!

Nothing is ever simply and straightforward in the body so of course there could be plenty of other issues, but now I have something to work on. She said the cure is to stretch and ‘calm’ my hips and thighs, while activating and strengthening the opposite muscles (the glutes) to work more.

I’m not sure how I got to this state, but apparently my hips and front thigh does all the work, and my bum does nothing. Nada. Zip. Absolutely nowt.

So under her guidance I’m working on loosening the front and making my butt work. Oww! My bum is so SORE this week, just from doing fairly simple exercises. How was I so blind to the fact I had a weak bottom (oh so many possible jokes!)? DH said he was always surprised that I had such a long bottom for someone who worked out like I do.

And of course the other excitement, as well as potentially fixing my stupid hips so they work properly again, is that I might get some nice round glutes relatively quickly (my theory being: no work to lots of work in a short space of time will tighten them up sharpish). Maybe I’ll actually fill out my jeans in the right places, instead of the wrong ones soon?!

Exciting times ahead for me and my lazy bum…

PS Why is there no emoticon of a nice big booty?
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    Oooh plenty of squats in store for you then? And lots of crazy new bum exercises! Ha.
    Very interesting!

    And yep, Spark is defo short of a big booty icon!!! emoticon
    2673 days ago
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