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Friday, March 07, 2014

So today I find myself very frustrated. I feel like I am trying so hard at all of this.
Why should eating and being healthy be so hard?

I am currently trying a low carb approach. So far I do not like it. I don't seem to do well on anything that says you can't ever have XYZ. I miss oranges and milk. If I eat another egg I might scream.

I just want so badly to find the magic way that will work for me. Low fat, low carb, lots of this a little of that! Frustration is what I am feeling now. I feel more obsessed with food now than when I over ate.

I am not sure what direction to take next. I am trying to take things one day at a time, but it is hard. emoticon
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  • -JAMES-
    Sadly it is very true that one shouldn't eat XYZ. What? What about everything in moderation, what about a balanced diet.

    Is that a balance of what is available to eat, or a balance of what my body needs. I've taken the latter interpretation. The balance of what my body needs is lower carb.

    The good news is that after a few months of low carb eating your food preferences change, and you will feel like a traitor to yourself.

    2424 days ago
    Here's some inspiration for you!

    Eat her food and you won't feel like you're missing ANYTHING!

    For all intents and purposes, you are carbohydrate "intolerant". It likely won't ever get better; if sugar and starch make you overweight and diabetic, they always will.

    About the fruit thing, modern fruit is bred to be WAY higher in sugar than nature ever made it. Having said that, if you can eat small portions without binging or having terrible cravings, then include it.

    The biggest benefit you'll get from drastically lowering your carbs and increasing your fat is the lack of hunger and the lack of cravings. This tells you that those feelings are driven by physiology, not emotion!

    The best thing you can do for yourself right now is get educated on why and how low carb works. If you don't currently have an actual plan you're following, you might be making things harder than they need to be.
    2430 days ago
    You don't have your Nutrition Tracker shared, so it's tough to make any intelligent suggestions. What are you eating? Why do you think fruit or milk is bad?

    I eat lots of fruit. I can't tolerate animal milk, but I do use nut milks. If you're frustrated and/or hungry, and you're not eating higher fat, that could be contributing to your dissatisfaction with your nutritional choices.

    I happen to love eggs, so I can't really relate to that! lol
    My foods are especially limited because not only am I trying to stay low-carb, but I have a long "laundry list" of foods I'm sensitive to and can't eat - many of which are the very foundation of the LC lifestyle. Even so, I eat plenty of things with yummy sauces (yes, full-fat and buttery!).
    I've lately been on a fruit binge, and am getting most of my protein from non-meat sources... but when my digestion isn't being grumpy, I eat plenty of meats (and no, not the lean cuts or that boneless/skinless - and maybe chicken-less? - chicken). I like cocktail shrimp as a meal sometimes. Sauteed herbed mushrooms, sometimes with a brandy deglaze, or sometimes in a creamed sauce. I also love roasted veggies, although I do limit the starchy ones.
    If you're missing breads (and that's my major downfall), try making some Oopsie rolls. They're really good, and simple. There's a long blog of collected recipes and pictures for them on my Spark Page. I also make plenty of "sandwiches" with coconut wraps. I can only find them online through Pure Wraps™ or Julian Bakery, and they're definitely pricey... but it helps satisfy when I'm craving a sandwich or wrap.
    Do you like cheese? I love those little string cheeses... or any kind of cheese (not processed slices). I love Bonbel™, Laughing Cow™, I get the deli to cut me really thick slices of their cheeses to make into roll-ups or just to eat out-of-hand. You can make totally yummy "crackers" out of just plain cheese by microwaving one of those thick-cut slices cut to about 1" or 1-1/2" rounds or squares. You can do the same with pepperoni slices. Try sandwiching those two together with a bit of spaghetti sauce in between, and tell me your mouth isn't saying "pizza!!!"

    It sounds like you're focusing more on what you *can't* have than on what you can have. You're missing the things you used to consider standard fare. That would be true for *any* new dietary plan, though. On the other hand, LC isn't something every person can embrace. It does work. If it turns out you can't stick with it, find something you can stick with -- because NO diet is going to be successful if you don't follow it. Low carb is a lifelong dietary change. If you hate it now, it's not a good sign you'll be able to live with it for life. Even if it is a healthier life.

    2430 days ago

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  • no profile photo CD12242035
    It is hard. I don't agree with any diet that basically has you eliminating an entire food group. I mean, on what planet is fruit bad? Not this one! Don't get me wrong, I still struggle, but I find what makes me feel the least crazy is just planning and moderation. Sometimes you just find yourself in a situation where you have to eat "off plan". So then you just have to make the best possible choice available to you. Grilled instead of fried, a side salad instead of fries. Order a size down. I've been embracing things like jello and pudding cups lately. I get a little bit of portion controlled sweet, and it just makes my lunch break!

    I completely agree that a lot of times it really does feel so much more obsessive than when we were just eating with abandon. What I'm really hoping is that with practice and time, it won't be so bad. This week is the first week I really had a good, solid lunch plan in place, and all I had to do was refill my lunch bag and throw it in the fridge each evening. So that's already less time worrying about food each day.

    I hope you find what will work the best for you. Like I said, I still have so many bumps in my own road, but if you need anything, I'm more than happy to do what I can for you, or just be there to bounce ideas off of. I hope you have a fantastic Friday!
    2430 days ago
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