Arts and Charms Class Week 3: Crochet House Bracelet

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In Week 3 of Arts and Charms Class we are crocheting a house bracelet. Since we had an appointment to get the oil changed in our car and do the 50,000 mile required service, this was a good time to begin the house bracelet in Hufflepuff yellow and black.

Supplies and directions are ready to go!

Children's area at the car dealership

Settled in the waiting area, supplies out, and here I am beginning the Huffllepuff House Bracelet.

Time to change colors! I watched the tutorial several times to make sure I remembered how to do this! The color change went smoothly. emoticon

Making progress

By the time we left the car dealership, I had most of the bracelet completed. I will finish later and post photos when I do.

Tuesday night is NCIS, NCIS LA, and Person of Interest; a perfect time to finish the House Bracelet AND walk during commercials! (Amazing how those steps add up!)

When I wear the Hufflepuff House Bracelet, I prefer to fold it over so it's not as wide. If I make this again in the future, I need to adjust the pattern as I have small wrists. Changing colors 5 times would make this way too big; changing colors four times gives me a huge span of yellow.

This was a fun project. I think I may look for a scarf pattern in the future. Portable projects are great to have on hand.
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