The road to success isnt always obvious...... Look to the small victories!

Monday, March 24, 2014

I havent been around much due to the success and expansion of fit2beinyourkitchen.com but I had to share this most recent email that hit the nail on the head for all of those that forget about all the small victories that add up to success of one's goals. Please take the time to read this words that were emailed to me today.

This is success in its purest form....


For those of you who have tried and tried again to start working out, become healthier, or lose bodyfat, but for one reason or another stopped due to lack of scale or visible progress.


Here is an email stating all the important stuff people do not pay attention to but really should when taking on a new healthy regimen.

"You will find attached my Workout Summary and my Eating Diary and my pics. Probably not much change in my pics, however, my week at the gym was probably the best ever yet.

Successes that I am having that are not yet showing up in my pics over the last couple weeks because of that down time I had while being sick – so here are positives of other things that are going on and making this journey a successful one:

. Organizing what recipes I need to cook for the week and number of servings (since my boyfriend is choosing to eat the same food) is getting more efficient, getting my grocery list together and cooking is becoming much easier too. At the beginning of all this, I would stress and procrastinate and get all worked up about trying to get it all together and cooking all those meals seemed so overwhelming. It is all becoming easier and more integrated into my lifestyle. I would also underestimate the amount of time needed to get a grocery list together and am learning to adjust my schedule to get this all done and work it. Changing habits is definitely hard. My shopping experience before starting this program was usually frozen entrees, lots of processed food, and ice cream and sweets. Now I have my list and work my list – nothing else goes in my cart except what is needed for my plan.

· I’m learning the grocery stores more and where everything is that I need; what stores carry what and getting through the store is much easier. I have ALWAYS hated grocery shopping and cooking – and this program and way is eating is helping me to get over that. It is terrible, but growing up our meals were processed foods, hot dogs, potato chips, Lucky Charms, school lunches (pizza, hamburgers) and such – so cooking and grocery shopping were not skills I was taught – so going into my adulthood, I struggled with meal prep, picking out recipes and relied on what I was taught to eat – so it was always processed, processed, processed. And, previously to lose weight, I ate Frozen Entrees (WW, Lean Cuisine – you name it) ad-nauseum; I thought that was the only way to do it. Clean Eating, cooking real meals, meal prep I just could never figure it out on my own. This program is teaching me so much and helping me to make such better choices and leave my old thought process behind.

· My cooking skills are improving dramatically – I’m figuring out how to understand how to cook; simple things like mix dry ingredients/mix wet ingredients – THEN combine them.

· I am having more success at scheduling my other activities around the gym and not the other way around. For example, I had book club this past week and organized my work schedule so that I stayed a little later each night of the week so that I could leave early on Thursday to get my entire workout in and THEN go to book club. Previously, I would have just skipped the work out and not cared. HUGE, HUGE, HUGE as I am thinking and staying in the present instead of just shutting down and ignoring.

· Other tasks are becoming more efficient so that I have more time to cook and get everything together for the week AND go to the gym. I am changing my entire week and getting it revolving around working out, cooking and prep instead of that being a secondary thought. Laundry, filling up the tank, paying bills are all getting re-worked to accommodate the time I WANT to spend at the gym. Still have lessons to learn – but the improvement is there.

· I’m gaining self-confidence while being at the gym and working out. For example, my ab work is getting better and I’m getting more consistent with the exercises. I did only get to work out this week Monday through Thursday, then the 5k walk on Saturday – but the time I was at the gym was well spent. My notes should reflect the great week I had.

· I am getting better at my food diary and tracking things. My sister did come in town on Friday – so I stopped tracking over the weekend (again, a BIG area for improvement still needed here) – but didn’t do too bad over the weekend. I need to work on continuing to track my food journal even when company is in town or I am on vacation. .

· On Wednesday, I did overcome a mental struggle to get to the gym. BUT – I ended up having a huge mental breakthrough because I sat in the parking lot trying to talk myself out of working out. Then when I thought about the alternatives, I realized all I would do is just sit in front of the tv and watch tv all night long – then I wouldn’t feel good – my joints would hurt, then I would probably eat more than I should, so after 15 minutes of sitting in my car I OVERCAME, accomplished a mental obstacle and grabbed my bag and walked in. Great work out and felt good about the awesome decision I made.

· I went shopping for clothes this weekend for a party I am going to in May – I was able to get a size 14 – awesome little black dress that looks great!! I also was able to get into a pair a jeans that I have been able to wear for several years. When I moved to South Carolina I was a size 20/22, now starting to fit into Size 14 Clothes – AWESOME!!!"

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