Paleo-tizing my family. Whole30 Day 29

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Here I am beginning the last day of my Whole30. I am sure it won't really be my last. Not much is going to change for me from what I have done in these past thirty days....other than tomorrow I am going to sit and have a square of dark chocolate and have never been more excited about a piece of chocolate in my entire life. I am more excited right now about taking what I have learned and applying to not only my life, but my family's life and diet. I know that I can't expect results from them as I have done. But my goal is to end the year with them eating more Paleo/primal meals and snacks than they do now. Especially Samuel. He should be fairly easy to switch, the beginning may be tough cuz he loves sugar. He loves fruit snacks, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cheez-its. But, I am thinking that I am going to involve him in preparing meals/snacks and then maybe he will be more apt to try them. Plus in the long run, I am in charge of what he eats, and there may be days of him not being happy with his choices, but he will forget about things eventually as well. I hope to end the year with my husband and Samuel eating 80/20 Paleo. My two teenagers are another story. They think their mom has gone "crunchy earthy granola" on them and soon will be dressing like a flower child or something. Anyhow, my plan with them is to make snacks and foods they don't really know are Paleo and just go from there. I hope they can end the year eating more healthy than not. Teenagers are tough. When I tell my kids the things I learn about, they literally tell me "I DO NOT CARE! I want to eat the food that tastes good. I don't care if there are things in there that can harm me or that make me addicted to more." So, I pass along information to them and leave it at that. Someday maybe they will care. I will lead by example with them.

So, to begin this transformation, this week I am making all Paleo friendly meals, though there are days that my family may have a non Paleo item or two in their meal. Tonight I am making flank steak with a homemade rub, "rice" cauliflower and I am having sweet potatoes, they are having rice. I am going to give a small amount of the sweet potato to each of them, just to try. Can't hurt. I am also going to be making a flourless banana bread and homemade gummy fruit snacks. They won't know any better until they try it anyhow and maybe they will like it. My guess is, it may be too bland for them since they are still used to the regular stuff, I will probably love it, but if that is their choices they will probably come around. I am also making these meringues this week that have a lemon topping on them, my son saw me looking at the recipe and asked me to make them, shhhhh don't tell him they are Paleo.

I plan on continuing to blog. It is a great outlet for me. I love to write, even though I am not great at it, but I love that I have a place to put my thoughts and a place where I can go to look back at things that I tried and worked or didn't work. I don't think I will keep posting my meals though. I think it will be good for me that if I ever need to do another Whole30 I can look back at things I ate and liked. I will probably post about the foods I make and like just not in the menu format. I think we all know chances are I will eat eggs for breakfast, probably with spinach and onions lol. I am a creature of habits! Plus I really enjoy eggs. I was never a waffle/muffin/pancake/cereal girl. I do LOVE bagels, but I haven't really had them much over the past two and a half years. They are something that if I am really wanting one, I will treat myself and move on. I am aiming for a 90/10 plan for myself, but I am not going to track it either.

Yesterday I went on Pinterest (my biggest addiction besides food) and I am not kidding. I can't seem to stay off of there and now that I am eating this new way, I am on there even more. It is funny, I have been on there for over a year now total, and I had 60 something dinner recipes pinned. I have been looking at Whole30/Paleo stuff for a month and already have almost doubled that number. I honestly think it is because I am putting things that I LOVE back in my life without that guilty feelings. Can you imagine eating a sweet potato or an avocado and feeling guilty? I did with so many foods. Now I am having them and they all appeal to me. I think that is why my sugar cravings are so little now. Anyhow, I did find a brownie recipe and even a peanut butter cheesecake recipe. I am going to be combining those two recipes to make my birthday treat towards the end of the month.

So, I am off to make some foods and then to watch my beloved Huskies march on to the Final Four, at least I hope they do! Here is the second to last menu I will post! Enjoy your Sunday!

Breakfast 9am: 3 scrambled eggs with onion and spinach. pear sprinkled with cinnamon

Lunch 1pm: baba ganoush with veggies. turkey and avocado wrapped in romaine

Dinner 6pm: roasted sweet potato, onion and sausage hash. salad with mashed avocado and a hard boiled egg

Snack 830pm: 2 small handfuls of was hard to stop eating them though, but I did!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    2628 days ago
    I'm so proud you finished strong! And thrilled you will still blog!

    I bought the book, it arrived Saturday, but haven't read it yet....I plan to start switching over the family to better eating as well. I have 3 boys twin 14 yr olds and an 11 yr old so I agree it's not gonna be easy! But, long term, it will be worth it. They think I'm nuts having given up bread.

    Great job and can't wait to continue to follow your progress!

    2630 days ago
    My family has done whole grains for years, and I think I can ease them into paleo with adding in potatoes, sweet potatoes (which my DD loves), and some brown rice.
    2630 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10895053
    emoticon I think it's so awesome that you are being such a good example to your family of eating healthy. emoticon And more power to you!!
    2630 days ago
    Good luck! It is hard to change children who are set in their ways. It will take baby steps. Wishing you a lot of success this week.
    2631 days ago
    Best of luck with the family - that can be one of the hardest parts of this journey.
    2631 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    Good for you and embracing this! My family was always willing to try new things too so they have all started eating healthier too. We have had the majority of our meals at home but after joining spark, I tried different lower calorie dishes and recipes and my husband decided he too could do this.It is a great life style and it is easy to conform to and not feel like you are sacrificing anything!
    2631 days ago
    you sound like you are doing great! I am about 80% paleo..I have a few treats now and then but stay away from all processed snacks..haven't had any wheat in a long time now...don't miss it. It is easier for me to lose on a veggie/meat/lots of greens diet, with the sweet potato and some brown rice thrown in in small amounts. I have over the past three years switched my family from white carbs to all whole grain..getting teenage daughter to give up ramen was a two year process. But she is only willing to go buy it for herself every so often. Now after school she will make whole grain pasta or eggs... a big switch! My boys eat what is in front of them - lol... They eat homemade popcorn or whole grain homemade baked things and LOTS of apples etc...after school. Soon I want to investigate other grains to bake with. I will be interested to see what paleo snacks you make your kids - please blog about that! I have thought about baked potatoes after school...wonder if my guys would embrace that...And yeah - my kids grumble a bit about the crunchy granola earth mom thing.... But they will be glad later when they are healthy and not on blood pressure meds when they are in their 40's...
    2631 days ago
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