Done, but not really! Whole30 DAY THIRTY!!!!!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

So, yesterday was the last day of my Whole30, though as I have mentioned, nothing is really changing in my life right now. I am in a very comfortable place and very content and happy. So, I thought I would start this blog by going back to the ways I was gauging my month of Whole30. I decided that I was NOT going to weigh in (though I have a number from March 5th and will be going back in mid April for a recheck so will update when I go, just so anyone who wants to know will know, though I am curious, but not as much as I used to be). I was going to do measurements, and decided against that as well. I was using other indicators. Here is what I used.

Hair :THEN: right now it is dry and very fly away. It isn't very shiny either.
NOWr: my hair is growing faster I swear. It is not dry anymore at all. It is shiny and more manageable. I don't have fly aways as much.

Nails: THEN: grow very slowly, and kinda brittle, though they have been worse.
NOW: they are growing faster as well (though I can't stop picking at them again). The whites are white until I pick them off and they seem stronger.

Skin:THEN: kinda dry everywhere, especially my hands. I also keep fighting chapping on the back of my thighs. I have cracks on my finger tips near my nails as well.
NOW: still dryness on hands and feet, but that is all. those darn cracks keep coming back, but my other skin seems awesome. Soft and clearer than ever. I used to have these little fine red lines on my cheekbones, I only have a couple of them left and you can barely notice them.

Body: THEN: knees are achy on a daily basis, as are feet and shoulder. Some days are better than others, but no patterns to them.
NOW: nothing is achy anymore, aside from my bad shoulder. My knee has been babied since I hurt it, but I don't have the chronic aches that I have had in the forever! The aches in my feet are gone!

Sleep: THEN: I sleep well, but would like to get a little bit more. I get about 6-8 a night.
NOW: I am getting 7-8 hours now. I sleep a million times better now. I go go go all day long and then 9pm comes around and I am ready for bed. I go to bed and fall asleep within 30 minutes, which that part used to take about 90 minutes!

Feelings: THEN: for the most part I am content, I have days that are stressful, happy, sad, frustrated....I don't think anything is more or less than normal levels
NOW: I still have all feelings as above, but I am definitely happier and more easier going, go with the flow. I notice that I don't let the stress aggravate me as much as it used to. I don't let my feelings guide me towards food either. My feelings towards food has done a 180! I don't dwell on it like I used to. It is weird because I think about it just as much, but not in a destructive manner like I used to. I view it completely differently.

Energy: THEN: this is very up and down. There are days that I have more energy than others. I also have many periods through the day of being exhausted, like I would be able to sleep for hours if allowed. I am tired at the end of the night but still can't fall right asleep.
NOW: Big changes here. My energy levels have leveled out through the days. I have had a couple of days that I felt a little tired during the day, but it goes quickly and it only happened a couple of times. I am noticing that I can't seem to sit still very long until I go find another something to do. I am always finding ways to keep busy. I have so much energy it is crazy. I also notice that I am more focused as well. I am more organized and don't feel so scatterbrained at times.

Overall I have to say this plan is exactly where I needed to be. I searched for almost a year an a half on how to eat like a normal person and the answers never came to me. It was frustrating and at times I felt like I was destined to be obese. When I started looking at sugar addiction and such, it dawned on me that I am never going to be a normal person around food. I needed to make a change and one that was going to work for me long term. I am so thankful I found Whole30, it has changed my life in 30 days. And I was scared and overwhelmed when I began, but I put my FULL trust in this program, which wasn't easy since it went against so many things I had learned before. But I trusted anyhow and went with it. I also said to myself that I can do it for just 30 days, if it wasn't for me, so be it, but at least again, I wasn't giving up.

I do plan on blogging more, not sure if it will be daily, but it will be a few times a week probably. I do like writing and it is an outlet for me. Thanks to everyone who has read, commented and supported me on this journey!

Last menu:

Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs with onions and spinach. pear with cinnamon

Lunch: lazy stuffed cabbage without rice YUMMMMM

Snack: some veggies

Dinner: Flank steak with avocado salsa and cilantro riced cauliflower....yum, yum and more yum. What a way to end my Whole30!

Have a great day!
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