I'm not at goal but I was when I first wrote this..

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This is to remind me of things that set me back. Right now I have ice cream drumsticks in the fridge and ice cream too. No wonder I've stopped losing.
Today, I've been thinking about this and about my dieting and my failures and my successes and I'd like to add a few of my thoughts about this today. I have been having a struggle with adding 3 lbs, losing 3 lbs and eating too much and too many of the wrong things on my up day. These are the two devils I've been fighting:
ice cream drumsticks (thinking I can have one on my up day)
raisin bread with margarine.
These two have not always been trigger foods but right now for me they are my trigger foods.
I have been rationalizing that I am at goal and I should be able to have these so I have been buying a big box of Klondike drumsticks and keeping raisin bread in the house too.
I have had a very hard time keeping my up day calories under control for about two weeks and my friend Lila suggested not keeping them in the house, DUH! This would be the advice I'd give someone having a problem with trigger foods but since my mentality has been, I'm at goal, I deserve it, my mind has fogged over to where I could not think clearly. I have been having a problem with this and the thought has just occurred to me that I am not cured, I am in remission because I'm in the 5 lb range but in no way am I cured. I cannot eat whatever I want whenever I want it on my up day. I need to get those two things out of my house, there's no such thing as using them for a treat on an up day, I can't be trusted. Now my first thought is that I need to eat them all today and just get them out of the way, (fat person's mentality) but I will either throw them out (I'd have a hard time doing that) or keep on struggling until they're all gone, or just sucking it up and staying out of the freezer. I'll probably suck it up but I need to refocus and realize I'm not cured, I'm in remission...

I've been thinking about this for a long time...When we are fat, we are really sick. We don't feel sick but inside of us the fat keeps piling onto our internal organs and sticking to our bodies even though we can't see it. We get heart attacks carrying around all that weight and having all that fat surrounding our hearts, our knees give out from the constant poundings our heavy body gives them, we get asthma because fat is clinging onto our lungs, we can't fit the seat belts around our stomachs and when we sit in a normal chair it pinches us and we go to get up and the chair comes up with us. Our beautiful faces are distorted so no one can really see how pretty we are. It's hard for us to keep up with other people, we get passed by for promotions because we are grossly fat. Our blood pressure goes sky high and we get diabetes. There is more but I'll spare you anymore details because I know you're aware of all the disadvantages of being fat. I said all that to say this: If you knew that something was slowly killing you, would you continue to eat it? No matter how good it tastes? Food is killing us, little by little the fast foods get bigger and bigger, super sizing everything to sell their products. Food companies knowing people are scared of fat, reduce or eliminate it from their products but add more sugar to compensate for taking out the fat. They hide the amount of sugar by using names for it that we don't realize are really sugar. The sweeter the product the better it sells when actually they are killing off their customers. It really doesn't matter because even if they die there are the kids that have been raised this way. Food can be good for us, yes, but food can be bad for us too. The sweeter the food is and the more carbs it has, the more we want it. And if that's not bad enough, sometimes our only entertainment is eating out, having pizza parties, everything is based on our enjoyment of eating the sugar and carb filled goodies. Yes, some aren't sweet, but they are covered with sauces and gravies to make them taste yummier. Food can be healthy in it's original forms but food can kill you too. If you were sick, which you are if you're obese, wouldn't you take the medicine to make you well no matter how bad it tastes? Well, fatness is a sickness and the prescription is to eat to live not live to eat. Cut out the sugar and the processed foods and let your body heal. Yes, your family can eat differently than you and you shouldn't feel deprived. They're not sick, you are. I'm healthy now and I'm going to stay that way even if I have to monitor each bite I take. I love thin! I should have known this years ago so I could have avoided "my sickness". 

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm super late reading this post...but what an awesome post!!! Love it! emoticon
    2558 days ago
    Thank you Bug for posting such a good blog! I have yet to get to goal myself, so this is more true for me than anyone. I just do not like vegetables very much and that makes it hard to control calories.
    2604 days ago
    Wow Marie, you said it, girl!!! Thanks to your post I am really motivated this morning as I start my day and my adventure on my trip to see my daughter. She and I both have had cancer you know. She has become strong in what she choose to eat and I have been horrible. Pray for me to re learn from her while visiting. And I thank God for you, dear!
    Love Cindy
    2606 days ago
    I think all of us have trigger foods. I have them too. Some I can eat in moderation and some I can't.
    2608 days ago
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