whole foods ruined my life! (and an NSV)

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

ugh, someone put me out of my misery!

there was a time not so long ago when i would eat processed foods without even thinking about it. hot pockets for my morning snack, frozen burritos and taquitos for dinner. frozen pizzas were a life saver! no better snack then chips and dip.

2014 i decided to cut out the processed food. it's been going pretty well. the last month and a half i have been going very strong with the whole foods. aside from diet soda. i cannot kick that habit! otherwise, i've avoided the bad food, i've had good food on hand. i've planned snacks so i'm not starving and cave to bad food cravings or easy access.

i've been feeling great! i rarely get a head ache. digestive issues are due to too many veggies, not foreign food stuffs in my body. i've had more energy, i've lost weight, my skin looks great. all this amazing stuff from eating whole, nourishing food.

then today happens!

i get up first so i can prepare breakfast and lunch with no one bugging me. i had just gotten out of the shower when i heard a thump. i thought it was dh in the other bathroom, but then i realized it didn't make sense. i poked my head out of the master bath to see him sitting up in bed looking confused. i said, "what was that?" he shook his head and got out of bed. there was another noise. i grabbed a towel since i wasn't wearing anything and followed him out to the hall. i heard a noise from dd's room and said "she fell out of her crib". sure enough she started crying and he opened the door and there she stood. she's ok, just scared. but my morning was shot!
he took her to bed with him while i finished in the bathroom and then i took her to get her milk and some quick breakfast. she insisted on sitting on my lap while she (slowly) ate and there went my morning prep time. dh got out of the bathroom so i could get lunches assembled, but breakfast time was not going to happen.

i get to work and what do i see? leftover pizza in the fridge. perfect! except that my body rebelled and now i feel like crud! i want a nap so bad. my tummy is churning and i keep getting faint cramps and other weird, random issues in the gut area. i feel a faint headache threatening to come on. i'm chugging water like crazy.

and now i want more junk! what? have you ever had a period where you ate real well then had fast food and just wanted junk for a day or two after? that's how i am right now! the awful stuff they put in "food" just makes you want more and more. why can't those chemicals be in veggies? haha. my tummy is like, never again! my brain is saying, mmm...cheeseburger! i think my tummy will win this battle.

eventually i'll be out of my misery and loving life again. it just may be later tonight.

as for the nsv:

as mentioned above, i grabbed a towel to wrap around me when i had to leave the bathroom. it fit! omg! it fit! a short time ago the towel provided no other purpose then drying me off. now i can wrap it around me! granted, it probably wouldn't have provided enough coverage to answer the door or something (does that even happen outside of tv land?). i didn't even realize how big the towel had gotten until i was done with it, then it hit me! what a great feeling. i didn't really get to reflect on it til a few hours afterward with all the drama. i'll look further into this tomorrow morning.
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    I get the same feelings when ever I eat "junk" foods. It is so annoying!! Even more to fight through!
    Glad your baby is alright & that you are persevering thru life's ups & downs!
    2566 days ago
    I'm glad your DD is OK. Wonderful about the towel. Soon you'll notice that doorways have gotten wider.
    2566 days ago
    I overcame a bad diet soda habit on this journey. Here are some tips that helped me. First, track and then try to cut down the number of sodas you drink daily.
    Drink water from a rinsed out soda can. It feels familiar and there is no smell.
    Drink a can of water prior to each meal. Drink while you cook. Twelve ounces goes down quickly.
    Drink flavored waters.
    Crystal lite with Carbonated seltzer water is a treat.
    Use a pretty glass to make your beverage choice feel special.
    Add fresh lemon or lime to the water.
    Add a little fruit juice to water.
    Swap soda for iced tea so you get the caffeine because it's easier to cut back on tea later.

    Hope DD is okay. I put the crib mattress on the floor after that happened to my DD. Makes going to bed harder but no more falls.
    Junk food is hard on a body that is used to healthy food. If we listen carefully, our bodies are trying to tell us what to eat and what to leave alone.

    2566 days ago
    Hope things get better soon!
    2567 days ago
    It amazes me how quickly a bump in our life can push us off track. I am glad DD is alright. You will get back to healthy eating. Love the towel! emoticon
    2567 days ago

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