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Thursday, May 08, 2014

yesterday i wrote a blog about whole foods ruining my life. obviously (i hope) in jest. since i wrote it i have been thinking about how different my life has been in the last couple months. i thought i should follow up with a blog about the awesomeness of whole foods.

as i mentioned, my new year's goal was to get the processed food out of my life. it's been going very well. yes, there are those times when your life doesn't go the way you had planned. especially when you are a one car family with two full time jobs and a toddler. stuff happens. i had to learn to let things slide. especially when a winter storm turns your one hour commute into a 2+ hour commute. or when you have a whole variety of colds that keep you knocked down for two months. sometimes a pizza seems like the only answer. since then i have learned that a frozen emergency meal or two can be a life saver. now i just need to add frozen breakfast options to my list.

as we enter the 5th month of the year and eating mostly whole foods for those 5 months i thought i should reflect a bit. to be honest, i thought i would lose weight right off the bat. i figured, i got rid of all that processed crud, i'm eating healthier, it'll just come off. nope. that's when the frustration grew. i felt better. i had more energy, i could feel a difference when i did eat something bad. but my weight was stuck. so of course i start thinking there's something wrong with me.

i got a great offer to join weight watchers and decided to give it a try. i learned right away that though i was eating whole foods, i was eating too much. i learned that i was eating 8 oz of chicken rather than 3-4 oz. once i got my portions under control i started losing weight. i learned that no matter what i ate, the calories i consumed from alcohol destroyed any forward progress i could ever make. i cut back my portions, ate better snacks, drastically cut the booze, and lost 20 lbs in 10 weeks.

i've learned that no matter how well i eat and how awesome i feel, one bad meal or snack has the power to derail me for days. i could eat an egg mcmuffin for breakfast or a snack (well-intentioned co-workers) and spend the rest of the day thinking about junk food.

yesterday i learned that no matter how hungry i am, that greasy, tasty, good smelling piece of pizza is not that answer! one slice that took less than 5 minutes to eat left me feeling far less than great for hours. i learned a lot from the slice of pie: it's not my friend, my body does not like foreign chemicals and "food", it's not worth it.

the biggest thing i've noticed are the day to day changes. i have less headaches. i have more energy. i don't feel like hanging out on the couch all day. my mind is clearer and i just look and feel better every day. today for instance, surprise visit by my monthly friend. i track my period on my phone and had no idea when it was due again (i just haven't looked recently). i always know when it's coming. i gain 2 lbs, i want sugar and salt. there is never enough sugar and salt in the world! today, nothing. no cramps, no weight gain, no cravings. what?! i pulled out my phone and sure enough, i was due to start on the 10th. oh hey, pms, take that!

i think i'm on to something here. are bodies were designed to eat real food found in nature. they were never programmed to ingest the chemicals that man has created. yes, i have read and heard about this for years, but putting it into effect has been enlightening. i just wanted to give a shout-out to whole foods. they have changed my life. i'm sure my health has improved because of them, and not just the 20 lbs weight loss. i encourage you all to give it a try. if you're eating lean cuisines, toss them. make your own salad dressing. get creative, and give it a try. even making your own season mixes (taco, etc) make a difference. you just never know how much until you actually give it a shot.
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    I love the blogs that have humor as the delivery devise. You are really setting out truths that we all need to apply. Portions and alcohol are great challenges unless you can run 10 miles in an hour every day and burn a half pound off.
    2562 days ago
    whole foods=yay
    2563 days ago
  • CANDOK1260
    emoticon emoticon emoticon on making this change in your life
    2563 days ago
    Whole foods rock! emoticon emoticon
    2563 days ago
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