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Only Me

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I caught a glimpse of her while shopping as I quickly passed her by
I saw a look of sadness as she seemed to waddle along, from the corner of my eye.
A woman who I thought seemed to see nothing as she walked.
And as she passed the people by, never made eye contact.
She didn’t look in store windows at all the newest fashions
And quickly looked down at the floor when some mean teens harassed her.
Their cruel words must have hurt, as they taunted her and laughed
But she just hung her head in silence though I saw a tear fall as she passed.
And I wondered then why did she feel that punishment she must take?
What kept her from standing up to those bullies who laughed and called her names?
What would make her feel like she had no right to enjoy a shopping trip?
What was it that made her rush as if being there she had no business?
It was almost as though she thought no should have to look at her because of her big size,
And to think that she would feel that way made me just want to cry.
All through the mall that day, at every window I passed,
I would see her there again, when I looked into the glass.
Then quickly I would look away, not wanting her to think I was staring,
But I started to wonder about her and her life, and if she had someone who was caring.
Did she have anyone who told her, beauty was in the heart?
Or was she just surrounded by those who played the parts,
That we so often see enacted on our television screens
The ones who live the surreal dreams of size 2 beauty queens?
I wanted to go and grab her and tell her, that size is just a number
And it’s what you do with your life that is what people will remember.
I told myself if I got the chance… if I saw her again I would say
All the things within my heart, things I hoped would help her that day
So much I wanted to say to her, so much I wanted her to believe.
Then I looked up in the window and saw her again…. Oh,
she was only me.
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