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Monday, May 26, 2014

Busy, busy, busy...

It's been a crazy few weeks. It's the end of the school year (woo hoo!) so there's much to be done in very little time. While all the other teachers are cleaning up their rooms and doing "busy work" with their kids, I'm working on all our end-of-the-year performances. Pre-K graduation, 5K graduation, Awards Day, 5th grade awards night, and the talent show. It's a lot to handle...but music teachers are used to it, I guess :)

I've also applied and interviewed for new jobs lately. The bottom line is -- I do a 40 minute commute every morning (which I've done for 5 years) and my salary is 10 G less than in the neighboring school district where I live. Soooo if I could just get a job closer to home, not only would I be making more money, I wouldn't be commuting so I'd be saving money that way, too. But alas -- I didn't get either job and no more have opened up recently. So it looks like I'll still be at my current job next year. I'm not a very religious person, but I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and there's a reason I'm in this district with my kids. I love my boss, and these kids really need a stable, supportive person in their lives. I teach in a district where it's 99% free and reduced lunch, therefore, VERY impoverished. These kids have terrible home lives and honestly, many teachers there obviously don't care about the kids and don't put a lot into their jobs. So maybe I need to be there to help these kids, to show them that someone DOES care about them and want to see them succeed in school and in life. So that's that.

So I didn't either of the fancier, higher-paying jobs, and so I'm having to wrap my brain around staying in my current situation at work and financially. My husband and I live in a one-bedroom apartment with a 15 month old. It's a lovely apartment in a nice neighborhood - just too small. I've been researching space-saving strategies online and this summer I'll be attempting to purge some things and organize. We may do some crazy things - for instance, I think we're turning our very small walk-in closet into a child's room. lol... but whatever works! I need some new shelving and cute ways to store toys, if anyone has any ideas on that, let me know!

Also, I recently joined the Grand Strand Runner's Association, so I'm excited to get involved with that group. They meet a few times per week in various locations in my area, so I'm hoping to start to run with some people from that group. I'm excited to be around people who may inspire me to move to that next level of fitness. I think that being around fit people is helpful in getting there, don't you?

I'm a little down that I haven't gotten to 100 pounds lost (in fact, I'm further away) but I'm trying to remember that every act is getting me closer to my goal. When I'm tired and don't want to exercise, I think about how great it's going to feel to be able to say that I've lost 100 pounds. My exercise routine is good - I just need to focus on my nutrition.

I'll leave you with my new pic collage I created of my change in face shape over time. I'm excited to really see some definition in my jawline and neck. I even feel like I look younger than I did when I started 3 1/2 years ago.

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  • CANNIE50
    Excuse me this shallow observation, but you sure are pretty! I am sorry you did not get a lesser commute and a bigger paycheck, both of which you richly deserve but I am happy the kids get to see your lovely smile and get the benefit of you caring about them. You will be a good memory for many children in years to come.

    I love your idea of making your space work by using it more efficiently. I think you could really make a cute space for your cute girl, in the walk in closet. I am a believer that children don't need big rooms or lots of toys. The simpler the better. One thing I used to do is tuck some toys away and bring them out on a rainy day, or a whiny day : )

    Yay for you for joining a runner's group. Running is such a good exercise and outlet for a momma. You will be stronger, calmer, and you will set such a great example for Miss T right from the start. She will always associate you with fitness. You are on a good track.
    2574 days ago
    Wow, you haven't just lost weight, you've lost years, and gained happiness. Don't just look at the change in jawline, look at that smile!

    For what it's worth, I think you are right about things happening for a reason. We often look for that reason only in terms of how it affects us, but when you climb up on God's shoulders to gain a broader perspective, you will often find the answer in how it affects others. And what can impact us more than how we impact others?

    Thank you for caring and remember God heaps His blessings upon those who bless the least, the last, and the lost. That's you. God bless.
    2575 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    You do look younger Tracey - you look great! Not only the weight loss, but your smile is bigger and you just look so happy!
    I am proud of you. Staying consistent with all of this stuff is hard, but you are pushing your way through every day and that is what counts! It's not giving up when we have a rough day or when the scale doesn't move. It's that which makes us stronger. Keep it up, keep inspiring!

    Sorry the jobs didn't work out, but you have the best attitude about it girl, go you! I also believe everything happens for a reason.
    I feel ya on the small space. We have a 3 bedroom apartment, but there are 6 of us! I love my little baby girl, but I sure do wish she had her own room. I think we'd all sleep better if she did! I feel like I'm constantly trying to save more space. Lately I've gotten really good about ridding our house of things that we really just don't need. But I don't think I can get rid of anything else at this point, LOL!

    Are you on Pinterest? We should start a board of space saving tips and such!
    Just in case...
    2575 days ago
    You are so stinking cute. Your smile is radiant in all those photos :)
    2575 days ago
  • SUNSET09
    emoticon and emoticon Wow, what a transformation and, you do look younger! emoticon Imagine what a few less pounds can do for you! Keep up the good work, as well as in your job as God has you there for a reason and it seems, you already know most of them. emoticon What's for you, is for you and when it's time for you to move, God will open up the windows of Heaven and you'll know, it's from Him! Things happen to us for a reason and a season so this job is prepraing you for what is in store for you! Running will definite help you in your emoticon goal to lose those 100 pounds so you have it all figured out! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2576 days ago
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