Old Journal Entry from 2008

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Since the journal is going away on June 10 (if you have any journal entries or calendar items you might want to move them to another calendar and journal!!!) I want to save this entry from 2008. I guess I used the Blog for everything else!

So, it rained today...went to the gym instead of some outdoor exercise. Treadmill first, noticed my heart rate stayed low for the first mile, and didn't raise as fast as it has in the past either. Getting stronger internally as well as the rest of me! AND....today was yet another mile stone, as in a 2 mile stone!
Once the weather clears again, I'll go do the nature trail and see if I can do that 2 miles outdoors, with hills and everything.

Next Goal, 2.5

I guess I've pretty much given up on losing anymore weight for now, though it would be NICE if it could happen...right now I will just work on getting stronger and building the stamina. To think, 4 years ago I stood on the stairs at Nye Beach gasping for breath after only 5 or 6 steps...today I could run up and down those stairs!
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