flat belly june challenge

Monday, June 02, 2014

i realize it's june 2nd and i'm deciding to do this, but what the hey! it'll be fun! it'll keep my focused. i looked at my calendar this morning, i need to stay focused! hello, grad parties!

i made this challenge up myself (obviously). there really aren't rules, i'll just do research and try different things as i go.

i'm almost to 50 lbs gone and i still have this huge belly. my legs are getting skinnier but my belly is taking forever! i'm at size 14 on the bottom and still doing 3x-xl on top. i figure i need to focus on my belly. i used to resemble a pumpkin being suppored by toothpicks. now i'm more of a butternut squash. woo hoo! progress! but i need it to even out a bit. i know it will eventually, i just thought i'd see if i could give it some help.

i'm going to start off simple enough. lots of water, reduce all other beverages, reduce sugar, increase exercise. lots of whole foods. i found an article on foods you should eat for a flat belly. i'm going to slowly add them and see what works. plus do more research and try different things.


i'm going to pick the easiest (for me) on the list for now. blueberries, dairy and green tea. i have those on hand. my afternoon snack is yogurt with blueberries. score! i'm also attempting to up my fruit and veggie intake. much easier with summer coming up and all the great fruits and veggies coming into season. i'm also going to increase my overall tea drinking. i have heard that helps and i love iced tea! plus that will help me break the soda habit.

i rejoined the spring into shape bootcamp challenge. hopefully i'll remember to do it this time around and that will help me see some results.

i'll measure tomorrow morning to get a starting point. lets see what happens!
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