NSV: my underwear keeps falling down

Monday, June 16, 2014

i suppose it's time to go clothes shopping. for bottoms anyway, my top clothes just don't want to get any bigger.

i was at a community garage sale with dh & dd on saturday. lots of walking. i wore my jeans for the first time in weeks (it was cold and rainy). i didn't realize they had gotten so big otherwise i would have worn a belt. i was pulling them up ever 4.5 seconds. after awhile of walking around, carrying dd, bending, squatting and kneeling i realized my underwear just wasn't going to stay up. we were walking from one house to another and i told dh that i was pretty sure my underwear had come to a rest right below my butt cheeks. he chuckled and told me to pull them up. i laughed and said i know there are people walking behind us and i'm not going to reach down my pants to hike my underwear up. haha.

my work pants are all now baggy and saggy and i could use a smaller pair of shorts for the nice weather. jeans can wait til fall as i have a couple smaller pairs i can fall back on if needed. guess i need to do some shopping this weekend.

as i was putting laundry away yesterday i decided to try my size 14 jeans on again. i got them up. i played with trying to button and zip for a bit with no luck. i went to the bathroom to see how they looked. they were ok, but still a bit tight. after wearing them for a few minutes and stretching them out a bit was able to close them at the waist and almost walk comfortably. haha. a few more lbs and i should be good to go with them. they are the smallest pair of pants i own so i'll keep trying to fit into them. so exciting! i do own a pair of size 12 dress pants, but i have found a 12(or a 16 as is the case now) in jeans and a 12 in dress pants is much different. i actually expect those 12 pants to fit before the 14 pants. maybe i should try them now.

this last weekend and next weekend are going to be tough. after the stress of trying to stay on track last week following a difficult weekend i decided to try a different method for this weekend (yesterday) and next weekend. i'm not going to track saturday or sunday. i know i'm going to be over, but i don't want the stress and mindset of "oh well, i already screwed up, may as well eat all the cookies i want". so i'm going to ignore the weekends and then track and stay on track monday through friday. i did well this weekend. i ate what i wanted to, but i ate consciously. i took a small scoop of the fattening potato dish rather than a full serving. i ate three doritos rather than a whole handful. i know what a serving should be and i know when i've had enough food. next weekend i have sil's grad party and lots of family in town. i'm going to follow the same method i just did for that. i know i ate over my calories for the weekend, but i don't feel guilty. i had a good weekend, i had fun with friends and family, father's day was great. i am back on track today. i am not stressed. i know the scale will behave better for me if i stress less and just follow the plan when i can. no more freak outs like last week! i just can't wait for the 28th. first weekend in a long time that doesn't involve the word "party".
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