summer challege day 4

Monday, June 23, 2014

so far so good, though it could be better. this was a tough weekend. golf tournament saturday morning, graduation party that night. lots of family, food and alcohol and then yesterday i had to catch up on some house work that i'm crazy behind on.

i got my water intake in every day.

i was active every day, though nothing to count as a true workout.

i tracked everything i ate. the good, the bad and the ugly.

that's the positive part of the challenge, now for the not so positive.

i had soda saturday. it was my you-have-to-be-at-the-course-a
t -6 am-survival method. one day out of 4 isn't so bad.

i had way more than one alcoholic beverage on saturday. i was doing very well until aunt mary brought out the yummiest pineapple vodka you can imagine. this smelled like pineapple heaven. she marinated pineapples in vodka for a week or two and then drained the liquid back into the vodka bottle. oh man, it was good. anyway, there went that aspect of the challenge. not that it wasn't thrown to the curb by that time anyway.

i have no reason to drink between now and the 4th, so that's what i'm focusing on at this point. though my way in day is the 5th, so i'll have to be good on the 4th anyway.

i guess there isn't a lot of negative things to share. always a good thing!

i had intended to get up this morning to start my workout routine, but last night was pretty exhausting with my crazy dreams and dd waking up screaming every couple of hours. i'll try again tomorrow...

i have about 4lbs of execess weight i need to lose before my weigh in on saturday. i'm hoping it's all water weight. i'm going to stay on track this week and get rid of it before then.
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