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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Due to my on and off of this website, I forgot how to use blog and where to click it hehehe, luckily I figure it out now. I will do my best to tell about myself of what is going on of me here in the Philippines.

My life is fine and no matter how busy I am but I do my best to do exercises every day. Some times if I am very tired in the night I will make sure the following morning I do my exercises. This is why until now I am still fit and sexy hehehe. I still can wear a fit blouses or hanging blouses it shows up my flat billy to the public, my food I ate are nutritious food and lettuce salad it helps to me a lot. People think I am still of my 20's hehehe but the truth is I will become 37 years old next month on August 12,2014. One man think I am still single because my body is yummy that's what he said to me. But I replied to him that I am old and married person and I walked away from him. Any how I have to do my exercises because I would like to stay fit and sexy most especially of my 37 years of age compare to my 36 years of age.

My life is very busy right this moment, because since my step daughter in law was gone to Canada, I am the one who done all the jobs. First of all the laundry, cooking, ironing and shopping and pay the bills and cars and etc. plus supervises the workers. But the main job that I have is our businesses. Right this moment our business is the lettuce vegetables. If I have delivery of lettuce to the malls, I have to sleep early in the night so that I can wake up early in the morning and do harvesting and packing and after the harvesting and packing I will deliver the lettuce to the malls. Some times I deliver the lettuce to the mall and the beach resorts together plus I have another jobs need to be done. In the night I am so tired. But no matter what happen to me, I always bear it to my mind that I have to do exercises this is why if I am so busy in the morning I do exercises in the afternoon except Sunday because I make sure the Sunday is for my God and no exercises. Some times if I sleep in the night I can feel my body like died so no exercises but the following morning or afternoon I make sure I do my exercises.

We have four businesses right this moment. One of our business is our website advertisement. I started to gave flyers to the people but my husband said to me, I must stop for a while because our website need to be fix. This is why I stop for a while. But if our website will be fix again, my life will become very very busy because I must go to the people and convince them to post ads to our website so that we can make some money.

Next year my husband is planing to fly back to Canada to sell some of his gold. If he will sell his gold we will buy the property next door. It means that my life will become super busy, because I will going to use my knowledge about plants and I will plant more vegetables, herbs and spices and sell them to the malls, beach resorts and restaurants because they are looking for it. But I will not forget my daily exercises too because gardening to me it does not works because I am taking a medicine for my brain and the side effects is gaining weight. This is why I have to do my daily exercises no matter what happen to me. No matter how busy I am, I have to look after my physical body and mind together.

One thing it worries me is my husband because from time to time he feels dizzy spells. My husband is 72 and will become 73 years old this coming October, 2014. Hopefully every thing will be all right both of us this year and next year and all the years to come.

My husband wrote a book about Philippines Organic Farming. He and I are the one who book bind them and make books and I sell his books to the stores. This is one thing my life is busy too.

Right this moment my husband took off my computer away from me and he replace to his computer because his computer was broken. This is why I don't have computer and I can use his computer while he is sleeping or not around in the house and if I am not busy too. It is my day off today because its Sunday and my husband still sleeping so that is why I am using his computer now and it is my day off today too, so I will enjoy my day off. Today Sunday is for my God the Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ and the Holly Spirit, no exercises. Sunday is Holly Day to me its for my God day.

This is the new update of my life. Thank you for reading and visiting my blog.

Respectfully Yours: Cres Reinders

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  • PICKIE98
    639 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    I sure wish I had you here to garden for me, Cres. We are surrounded by water on three sides, have humidity at 50-100% most f the summer months,,

    How is your mom doing? Your stepson and daughter-in law went to Canada? That is above where I live!! I live in Michigan!
    2563 days ago
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