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Humility: He's Not Done With Me Yet

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I felt about four years ago that God was leading me to pray for more humility so I did. Wow, you know what "they" say!! Be careful what you pray for. What many lessons the Lord has taught me these last several years. Small lessons such as looking at someone and thinking "I'd never do that" and finding myself in the same situation doing the same thing. OUCH! I finally learned to never say never. Took me several times but I got it. The biggest lesson I've learned over the last few years is to fully rely on God. I started having seizures three years ago and had to give up driving. I was mortified. My daughters started having to take me everywhere. Dr appts, grocery store, pharmacy etc. I stopped going to church for awhile because I was too proud to ask anyone to take me. I wouldn't ask any of my friends because I thought I was a burden or in the way. It was a horrible time. Then my oldest daughter moved out and my youngest started working and her time was limited. She suggested I started taking the city bus and I thought she was nuts. I could only think "I don't take the bus"! I won't take the bus!! I started taking the bus if I wanted to get anywhere. I still wouldn't ask anyone to take me to church though. I HATED not being independent. I had my pride!! My pastor's wife who is a friend of mine found out I had not been going cause I needed a ride, called me up and said she was going to start picking me up for church. Of all the people...I know how busy she is. She's not only the pastor's wife, she runs her own business too. God told me to accept the help so I did. I haven't missed church since. When she's out of town I actually ask as many friends as it takes to get to church, sometimes up to 6 to find a ride to get to church. My pride has been broken in good way. I'll do whatever it takes to get to church, I'm so blessed when I'm there.
Well, a miracle has happened and after 3 years my neurologist has found the right combo of meds and the seizure's have stopped!!! I get to start driving on August 7th, a week from tomorrow!!! It's been three years!!! I am so excited I can hardly sleet at night. It's one of the most excitingly anticipated events in my life. I still have a hard time believing it. I was supposed to get to drive in June but I had another small seizure and was so disappointed. The Doc did a little tweek to my meds and here we are. I am so grateful and have given my car and driving to God. I have prayed and prayed letting God know that if He doesn't want me to drive I can accept that. I won't like it but I can accept it. I want Him to think I'm ready before anything. I want His approval first.
So please join me in my count down. I have 8 days from today or a week from tomorrow!!

Anyone else have limitations from seizures? Let me know.

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