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Know the 7 Enemies to Fitness-

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Yes ... we really do have some enemies, but if we know what they are .... then we can be on guard and even overcome them!

#1. Don't get in a hurry. Making changes for a healthy lifestyle takes daily commitment; avoid getting caught up in the thinking, 'I want it now." .......... likened to instant gratification of drive through @ McDonalds!

#2. Never Compare. Don't try to measure up to 'others' progress. We all move towards optimum health and fitness at a different pace ........... Go at your own pace ... and progress in a healthy way.

#3. Don't Fret or Stress: When we feel we 'fall short' of our goals ... we tend to beat ourselves up ........ even feeling unworthy and guilty ........ Just keep going and do what you know to do. You will get there one day at a time.

#4. Time wasters. Why spend time unproductively and having nothing to show for your fitness goals at the end of the day. Don't sit on the sidelines watching others pass you by. Relaxing is good ......... After you have done the work.

#5. Deserted Island? No ........ It is not the ideal place to go to lose weight and get fit. No man is an island and it is not the time to retreat ......Join in! .... Buddy up... there's proof that accountability works! If you don't have a friend in the neighborhood or the gym, etc. then join some of the teams that have fitness challenges going on. They do help!

#6. All you can eat Buffets ........ Never. Just because they promise more bang for your emoticon also means your are going to spend MORE time trying to get those banquet portions OFF!! ........ Look for places who offer a menu with healthy choices and keep the portion within control. Moderation is the key!

#7. Mirrors and Scales. Both can be deceptive as we know ........ Scales can reflect muscle, which has some weight but we can easily mistake it for "gaining fat weight' and therefore, get discouraged. And just because you don't think you look 'good' or 'right' in the mirror does not mean progress is not taking place. Sometimes others see change before we notice it.

Thanks for reading!
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