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Beck Day 10: Set a Realistic Goal

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Setting a goal can be a great motivator... but I can get overwhelmed if I set a goal that can be too hard to reach or will take too long to achieve.

I want to set a long-term goal, and have reached the weight that was realistic for me, so I know I can do it again. However, I don't want to get discouraged when I know how far I want to go. The author states that we should shoot for a short-term goal to lose 5 pounds. Although, my ticker reads that I only have 5 pounds to lose, in reality, my long-term goal is to lose 15 pounds.

Suggestions from the author, are to reward yourself after every 5 pounds, by celebrating with your diet coach, considering indulging in something non-food related, like a lesson with a personal trainer, or a massage. I am planning on getting a gym membership, which will be convenient to use after work.

Weight loss specialists agree that you should lose no more than 1-2 pounds a week. In the beginning of your diet, you can even lose more because of water and fat loss. Afterwards, it's fine to lose only a half pound a week on average.
I have already lost 3 pounds this week by just not indulging in spoons of peanut butter or ice cream... it it's not in the house, it's not calling my name.

I have reached my goal weight before when I was doing a Daniel Fast for three weeks, in which, I drew closer to God through prayer and bible-based devotional readings. This is a spiritual fast based on Daniel in the bible when He proved to the King that he was more fit and strong than the King's other servants after eating a plant-based diet fasting from meat, fish, dairy, sugar, flour, and, of course, any processed food. I planned over the weekend, got my meal plans together, chopped up veggies, prepared some meals and snacks, and it didn't take much longer than planning for my regular meals. I will be able to keep at my goal weight by either eliminating sugar and white flour from diet, and just having it occasionally, or tracking my food.

When I have a sabotaging thought about losing weight too slowly, my helpful response will be, " I have to learn to be happy with smaller steps along the way. Celebrating 5 pound losses will boost my mood, and I will be able to fit back into my smaller clothes that I have stashed away downstairs. Also, I will be healthier and more energetic. WooHoo!!

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