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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The road to good health is a rough and bumpy one to travel. But, it is one well worth the trip! There are a few key resources that help me in my journey.

1. Nutrition Tracking
I don't think it really matters which tracker you use, as long as you are tracking. It could be the SP tracker, a handwritten notebook, or even a spreadsheet. In my case, I use the LoseIt! app on my iPhone. It can be surprising sometimes to see how fast calories add up. On some occasions, the opposite may occur. The tracker helps guide you to better evaluate the quantity and quality of foods you should be eating.

2. Daily Exercise
The body in motion is crucial. It is all part of that CICO equation! For me, I have come up with a system that is ideal, and that is SparkPedaling. I have another blog that describes what that is, including a photo. In a nutshell, it's pedaling a recumbent bike, while using my laptop (usually on SP) on a desk built around the front of the bike. It is one of my favorite ways of multi-tasking! Even when I am not "formally" exercising, I try to do things in a more active manner, such as parking in a further space from the store, or walking extra trips back and forth in the house while putting away laundry. Yard work is another favorite! I wear a FitBit One and like to do any little extras to help rack up my daily steps.

3. Support
I get support from my family, which I value tremendously, but what really motivates me are my SparkFriends. I thrive on their encouragement, and get charged up by cheering them on, as well.
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