Spark the Season day 15

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Memories...light the corner of my mind....misty watercolor memories (everyone sing along!)

Tough one for me - I have so many

Tonight though I'm kind of missing those gone- and so I'm thinking of Jay's brother Tucker. I've known my husband and his brother since we were teens- I actually had a crush on Tucker first- he was a bad boy James Dean kind of teen and that was pretty appealing to a very inexperienced young girl. Course we didn't click- and it wasn't until years later that Jay and I clicked. In my memory I can't remember loving anyone but Jay.

But Tucker was special. He was like sunshine- almost too beautiful to look at.

This was the last time I saw him- we were in his yard- where we always hung out- and he would play guitar and we'd talk until it was too dark to see anyone any more. He took his own life - that light forever extinguished except for the tiny flame in my memory.

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