Day 1

Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's late and I am sleepy but I wanted to write a quick blog.

Today was my birthday, the day I've been counting down to for my official start. This isn't the first time I've started something like this, but I hope it will be my last "Day 1." I'm ready for not just a body change but a mind set change. I'm ready to care more about my health than my looks.

I am logging my food in My Fitness Pal rather than here because their database is better. But I want to blog here, talk to friends here, and get advice on workouts here. SparkPeople is what I used the first time I successfully lost weight, before my wedding, and the second time, which was about two years after that. However, I have always rebounded. This time I am not aiming for the short term. I am giving myself an entire year to lose the 25lbs I would like to lose. Slowly, steadily, and by building permanent habits. I know there will be down days and slip ups but that is why I am looking to a year instead of a short period. I want to take the long view.

So today I did very well. I am not sure about my calorie limit 100% since my birthday cake did not have nutritional information on it. But I think I stayed under or very close to, and if I went over a little bit, well it was my birthday cake. Overall I had a great first day: Fiber One cereal with 2% milk for breakfast, a greek salad for lunch, crab legs and asparagus for dinner, and fruit to snack on. I am proud of myself for getting a good start to this new plan and also to my new decade of life. Hello, 30's... let's make this the best decade yet for our body and mind.
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