Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I'm over being sick, thank goodness! I still have a bit of a cough and some minor congestion, but I'll take that over what I did have.

Thankfully the scale is back on it's downward trend and I'm making progress. I've been doing my best to avoid snacky foods although I've stumbled a few times here and there. Yesterday was a major success in avoiding junk. The vending machine was calling to me in the afternoon and I drank water instead. Candy was trying to lure me in when I got a drink after Kung Fu, but I just stayed the course with my diet soda instead. Then, on the way home, the thought of ice cream came to my mind, but I just drove on past that grocery store and went home to have some fresh pineapple instead.


It's such a small thing but avoiding chocolate not once but THREE TIMES yesterday was a huge success for me. I'll take the little victories any day.

This can be a struggle everyday, but I'm really doing my best.
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