Some harsh words and I mean no disrespect.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

I am officially so used to working out, that if it starts to get late at night, and I haven't worked out yet, I figure a way to get a workout in.

I am officially so used to eating the right kind of food, that I am becoming a snob. I know, it's not nice and I don't mean to be this way but I can't help it. I can't stand hearing people complain about their health when they eat crap every single day. I guess it is because I know how hard it is to reverse. Weight comes on so easy yet takes forever to come off. To consume 100 calories can take only a few seconds and a few bites. To work off 100 calories it about 15-20 minutes on the treadmill walking. Image 1200 calories in one meal....GROSS! Sure you can burn it faster but lets be realistic. If your eating garbage, your workout is going to be on the lower side of intensity.

Everything is okay in moderation and I am NEVER going to give up my coffee with cream but now that I am getting healthy, I feel like I have abused my body in the past when I wasn't. Putting all that sugar, fat and calories into my body for so long was so destructive. Not getting my blood moving or my heart pumping because I got so used to sitting down when I got home. I sit all day at work. That's the one thing I can't do when I get home.

I will be the first one to say that eating patterns are just as addictive as a drug is to a druggie or a drink is to an alcoholic. When you eat things loaded with sugar and carbs, your body craves them. The first few days of eating cleaner, you realize how hard it is. It's almost painful to do because your body still wants the crap.

There is a light at the end of the have to stay consistent. Don't eat all your meals to take pleasure in the taste. Eat your meals for fuel for your body. I am not saying don't have a piece of candy ever, or don't eat some pizza. I am saying don't eat that sh$t all the time. I did, this was my lifestyle I know how easy it was to do. You have to reflect on you. And, if you think you are happy with an unhealthy life style and don't want to change yet, then do it for the people that love you. I can honestly say it hurts to watch someone you love not care about themselves.

Stop saying tomorrow or next week. All you are doing is increasing your tolerance to your lifestyle. You are making it harder day by day if you don't. Have you ever heard a healthy person say they wish they waited to the end of the weekend to start being healthy again? NO! I am no where near my goal weight and I can tell you I wish I started 2 years ago. I am working hard day in and day out to live a healthy lifestyle. Sure, I walk by some temping food and you know what I think? How many calories is that, how long will I have to be on the treadmill to undo the calories and what will happen if I don't have it? Well, I am not going to die. I am not going to cry and say I wish I had it, and I am sure not going to regret it!

I mean no disrespect to anyone with this post and it's not written about anyone in particular. I love all my family and friends regardless of their lifestyle. I love the people they are. I just wish they loved themselves as much as I love them.

I am getting healthy for me, for my kids, for my parents, for my husband and most of all, for all those who have ever doubted me! I want to inspire. I want people to watch my transformation and say, wow, have you seen how great Shannon looks? Have you seen how happy she is? She is beaming ear to ear. I want people to say, she dropped a lot of weight. All those going to the gym checkins I do on FB annoy you? Guess what? I don't care. Because when I post my before and after photos when I hit goal, those post won't seem so meaningless. I am here to help. I know how hard the fight is. I am here to encourage, inspire and be a rock. I am not here to sugar coat anything...not my words or my meals. You want to join me in my journey, awesome. You want to say, I really wish I started when Shannon did, that choice is yours as well. I will be here regardless and no one is going to hold me back from this.

If I can leave you with anything, it's don't give up on yourself. Don't you dare think that an unhealthy lifestyle is a deserved one. Don't you dare think that you won't be happier making better choices. Love yourself. Give yourself a hug. Take a deep breath and just......begin.

With Love,
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  • no profile photo CD4082024
    2369 days ago
    You are so right! I have drifted a little and this is setting me on the straight and narrow again. Thanks.
    2369 days ago
    Awesome blog. Love the truth & info & attitude.

    2369 days ago
    thank you for taking the time out to share....

    so much to ponder
    2370 days ago
    emoticon Yes! This is about building healthy habits that support a lifetime of health. We want to be around for many years of enjoying the company of our friends & family. This isn't about swimsuit season.
    2370 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14402600
    Thank you for being brave enough to say what so many of us need to hear. I agree with you completely!! I told myself the end of November "you look gross". I was done!! I've been developing some good habits that I know will stick with me and I WILL make my goal. I'm not near mine either, but I will see YOU in the winners circle!
    2370 days ago
    2370 days ago
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