Thursday, February 12, 2015

emoticon emoticon emoticon .....this is how I feel about being back on Spark. Spark was more than instrumental in my weight loss....I developed really good friends from here...many of which I keep in contact with on Facebook. I have gone through a series of personal ups and downs(more downs than to say a few in the past two years) and my weight loss journey has seem to take a screeching halt emoticon ....I have been in maintenance for way toooooooo long and not in the good way.. I still have quite a way to go...but I will emoticon cause I know emoticon ...I went from a size 24/22 to a size 14 and now I'm creeping towards a snug 14...A definite NO NO!!! So time to recommit, decide I am going to do what needs to be done and succeed by reaching the weight I am comfortable with. Nothing text book or cookie cut and decided everyone that is 5 feet 7 1/2 should be but MY SIZE. The size I am comfortable with, healthy, fierce and my fun loving Divalicious self with emoticon ....I don't know what that size is...I have always said it to be a 10/8 but who knows....I just know that where I am know is not where I want to be and not where I am going to God's grace and guidance I am going to be the woman he destined me to be...I am in school now for sonography(ultrasound tech) and it is a two year the time I graduate in October of 2016, I want to either be close to where I want to be or be at emoticon ....My cake day is on September 2nd, my short term goal is to me one of two things or a combo of both...I want to be down 20lbs or have 4 inches off my waist...a combo of both would be a win win...but I will take the 4 inches in a heartbeat..I know my weight will not truly always reflect the number on the emoticon cause I weight train...and I love it and I am not planning on giving it up anytime soon...I am not looking to be skinny. I am looking to be fit and look good while doing I will continue on doing as I have done in the past but be more consistent and keep moving forward.. I know in moving forward that also entails steps backwards...but I am up to and will meet the challenge head on....time to stop wishing and go get the life I want and deserve....not so much for me, but for my kids....this is going to be a very challenging 2 years but the rewards that I will get as far as my health and my career will be more than worth it....I DESERVE THIS AND I WILL GET IT emoticon emoticon emoticon
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