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There I Go Again!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Why I am I so emotional? Why do I feel so strongly? Why can't I be able to shake these feelings? I ask myself these questions many times.

I am finding through writing a journal, all those emotions are helping me see me--the real me. As well as how to take healthier care of me. All those emotions I dreaded had a valuable message that I unknowingly was ignoring.

Thoughts + Body Sensations = Emotion

Emotions tell me who I am and what I need to know right now about me so I care take better care of me.

Emotions that I feel are anxiety, sadness, anger and happiness. That was all that I thought about these emotional feelings. However, these feelings actually tell me what is going on inside of me. All these years I never stopped to think about what triggers my emotional feelings, only that I wanted to stop them because they appeared to control me. Not once did I think about the value of those emotional feelings--what they were saying about me.

Let me show you what I mean:

Anxiety are thoughts of the future and everything that can go wrong. My physical sensations may include a racing heart, tight muscles and clenched jaw. Anxiety tells me I am afraid of something.

Sadness, is when I have negative thoughts about the past. I can actually feel tired and heavy; I may even cry and have trouble concentrating. Sadness tells me I lost something I valued.

Anger, happens when my thoughts are focused on only me or when something I value has been attacked. My physical sensations are similar to anxiety, including a racing heart and tightness in the body.

Happiness is when I gained something. Physically I feel light or calm, and laugh and smile a lot.

All of this may seem common sense to you, but it wasn't to me. I missed the entire purpose of feeling these emotions and what they were telling me Most of all, I wasn't able to properly take care of me simply because I was not listening to my emotional feelings. Instead, I was trying to run from them. (Now I wonder if is was part of the catalyst for my health problems. )

The next step is to identify the message of my emotion. To do so, I ask myself these questions:

Anxiety: What am I afraid of?
Sadness: What have I lost?
Anger: How have I or my values been attacked?
Happiness: What have I gained?

Once I’ve identified the emotion and its message, the last step is to take action. I need to ask myself if there’s anything I can do to lessen my emotional feeling.

Our emotions my appear confusing at times, but really they are of value and a way to help you better care for yourself. The next time someone says, "You're so emotional", say Thank you. Being emotional is of real value to you and your health. Use your emotional feelings to help you become healthier.
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