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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I hate my state governor and legislature for having terrible funding for education. They cut my university a lot, but even more shocking and despicable is the cut the ENTIRE state budget to community colleges. How on earth anyone can argue that's good for our state/economy to cut the only way that people go direct to trained workers is lying.
Came in to work today to hear dire talk about lay offs at my job, strong potential in my very small department. I'm one of only 2 full time staff people, and I know the other couldn't be cut.

If I lose my job I have no idea what else I could do, I've only ever worked here (since I was 23, 8 years ago), and its such a specific field (museum work). I haven't been sweating it because I've had the philosphy that worry doesn't help the situation, what will be will be, but now I'm really freaked because it seems like this is going to be SERIOUS cuts.
What will it even be like to work here if we lose a ton of people? Would I just lose my job next year even if I get through this one?

I know that lots of people lose their jobs, and go on, I just feel especially upset about it because there are none others that I can get like the one I have. Museum jobs are like a lottery to get and even though they pay very poorly its still that sought after and impossible to find.

I feel really anxious and bleak...

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    Oh honey! You poor thing that's an awful source of stress! What a nightmare to be stuck in! Honestly politicians seem to have a blind spot when it comes to understanding the importance of research and the arts! It sounds like you are in a position that means there is not really anything you can do to change the situation. I got a great piece of advice recently (it's a little like those AA mantras actually...) 'If you can change something, then there's no point in worrying about it, if you can't change it, then there is no point in worrying about it' I know that might be hard to accept, but even if the absolute worst happens and they have to cut your job then who knows, it could open up some exciting new possibilities for you! Keep positive and don't forget what an amazing, intelligent and talented person you are emoticon x
    2236 days ago
    I think everyone is in a state of CUTS right now! The market is very bleak for my industry too... we have already had a round of layoffs, now people are being redeployed into jobs that they are way overqualified to perform! It's just a sighn of the times... like you said, you can't stress about it because I'm sure the writing is already on the wall!

    And who knows... change isn't always a BAD thing! you are still too young to be working in the same job for 8 years!!! Learning new skills makes you marketable more confident and less fearful the next time this happens... because it will again, it always does!
    Just be prepared and you'll be fine!

    2240 days ago
  • RR1_RR1
    I had to edit that last comment- not chaining…changing. this thing keep respelling things! lol.
    2241 days ago
  • RR1_RR1
    Take it from me- everything will work out and you will find another job if you loose it. Maybe you will have to move, Im not sure where your living but I know Philly has some jobs like that…I have a few friends there that do museum work although Im not sure what kind. It may wind up being something thats meant to be so that you can find something better, i know God forces us to change and grow through changing up our lives.
    2241 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/26/2015 12:53:32 PM
    Hang in there! That is super hard to go through... the unknowns are the worst! emoticon
    2241 days ago
    We just went through layoffs and it is one of the most stressful and draining things to do to your employees. My best advice is to keep your head down, keep doing your job and hoping for the best. Decisions being made are out of your control and all you can do is push forward. If it feels uncomfortable, start looking around for other jobs so you can protect yourself if need be. The folks that were laid off here have landed on their feet, it does turn around for those people and in most cases they are happier now than they were in their old jobs. It could be the start of a great opportunity for you! Treat yourself gently and remember that everything happens for a reason, and you can only control what you can control and not stress to much over things outside of that. Hang in there girly, this is a sucky place to be but it isn't forever!!!!!
    2241 days ago
    That's really tough. Give it some time and think about what you could do. In tough situations, usually giving it a lot of thought usually helps me figure out what my next step needs to be. I hope they don't let you go though! emoticon
    2241 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12313916
    Control what you can and try not to get down on what you cannot.
    2241 days ago
    Awww hun I know how you feel. I'm looking to change jobs but the nearest I know I could get in my kind of work would be maybe 40 miles away and that's if I was damned lucky, which just isn't a possibility for me. So for now I'm stuck in a rut. But... I'll do something about it at some point. And whatever happens will happen. All I can do to keep myself motivated is say that when it does I'll deal with it like everything else and make it work for me. Might even be a nice change! Keep going, keep pushing, and above all keep your head up! emoticon
    2241 days ago
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