What I learned from pregnancy and I've never been pregnant

Sunday, April 19, 2015

If you were to take a poll on why people are focusing on losing weight and staying healthy before/during pregnancy, I am willing to bet the answer is almost always because someone else is counting on them.

I personally believe that this is because we all have deep roots of not putting ourselves before others. When it is only ourselves that we feel our decisions affect, we often times tend to go with the less healthy options in life simply because, "why not?" and "who cares?"...but when someone else is depending on us...counting on us... we for some reason find that as a reason to chose the healthier paths in life.

With this INSANE winter that we just had, I feel that making babies is how everyone I know entertained themselves. There is a large number of people in my life currently pregnant and every time I turn around, every conversation seems to be about baby this and baby that. The baby conversations alone hit hard for me due to my past struggle with infertility (I didn't fail, I just re-prioritized and babies are no longer in my future).

This got me thinking though... why does having children have to be the only way that people will find someone else counting on them?! What happened to counting on yourself?! Are YOU not a person too?! Do YOU not count?!

Making YOURSELF a priority IS the key to success!

With this new found enlightenment, I started hitting my routines at the gym harder. I found myself going the extra two miles in every effort because I matter. ME. Yes, I matter. My dreams, my wants, my life... they all matter and it was about time I put myself first. Day in and day out, I eat my pre-prepped meals, I workout, I work, and every time I put my head on my pillow and every morning that I wake up- I'm smiling. I finally found myself happy...and there is no greater feeling.

Thinking I was doing incredible at my day to day routine in my own little world, I didn't stop to realize everyone around me....until what felt like out of nowhere...Others turned the light on for me.

I scanned my ID card at the entrance of my gym like always and the lady at the desk stopped me to tell me how I look nothing like my ID picture anymore because of the amount of weight that I have lost. I smiled and thanked her. Walked into the locker room and as I'm putting my stuff into the same locker that I've been using daily for months, another member looks over at me and tells me how much I motivate her to come in a few times a week. She explained to me that she felt so out of shape and felt like everyone was staring at her at the gym because of her weight. She went on about how if someone my size can still make it there every day and turn on the beast mode switch, then she has no excuses. (I'm MUCH larger than her and no offense was taken on her remark). I smiled and thanked her as well.

A few days later, another woman close to my size and age approached me in the locker room. She wanted to tell me that she and her boyfriend were just talking about me and how they could watch me at the gym for hours. She explained how inspirational my story is and that they are astonished at the routine that I do with my trainers. She told me she wishes to have half the confidence that I do someday. I smiled at her, thanked her and told her that all she has to do is tell herself she is worth it and the confidence will come.

The very next day, another gym member running on the treadmill beside me called me a beast in the gym and a warrior in life. Completely touched, I asked her what prompted this comment. She told me that she's been seeing me there daily for months and she is amazed at my transformation. She and her trainer use my success as a story to others to motivate them. As I'm leaving the gym, yet another member stops dead in her tracks as she is walking by me to tell me that I'm looking incredible and that she can't believe the weight I've already dropped.

My mind is beyond blown. My brain is at a lack of words. I truly honestly had NO IDEA how many people count on me for inspiration, motivation, dedication... I was completely dumbfounded and in utter shock. So now anytime I want to skip a workout or slack off, I don't. I won't. There are people counting on me that I didn't even know counted on me.

Lead by example, right?! Never talk a rope that you are not prepared to walk!

SO... moral of this story?
Put yourself first; make your health and happiness a priority. Know that YOU do count and that YOU should count on YOURSELF FIRST. Because you never know when someone else is looking up to you as their motivation. Sometimes helping yourself truly does help others.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My favorite blog of your by a long shot. I know this is from a year ago, but I am just now really getting back into things. I pictured this whole story at the Gold's we met up at a few times... is that where you go? I'm at a Hampstead gym now, just joined a month or so go. This post is inspiring me to want to be that "girl at the gym who lost a ton of weight and motivates other gym go'ers". I remember that feeling, I had people commenting at my weight loss years ago when I went to Planet Fitness. It was the best feeling in the world knowing that I was inspiring people to better themselves.

    I don't know if your still killing it like you clearly were when you wrote this, I hope you are, but if you're not.... I hope you read your entry and remember how happy/healthy you were and find that spark again. xoxoxo
    1894 days ago
  • 68ANNE
    Write, that is amazing. You can be and you are awesome
    2243 days ago
    You are emoticon
    2248 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1751247

    That is so great! Thanks for sharing this- I needed to hear it!
    2249 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12183607
    Very encouraging! You are so right! We have to put ourselves first before we can help others. Kinda like on the plane when they tell you to put your face mask on first, then the person beside you.

    Thanks for writing this!
    2249 days ago
  • RD03875
    That is wonderful!!! You go girl!
    2249 days ago
    Good for you! emoticon
    2249 days ago
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