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Beauty Comes in All Shapes and Sizes, Not Just Size 5 (Repost from several years ago)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Earlier today, it broke my heart to read the blog of a young lady, desperate to be noticed and appreciated as pretty. There on her homepage, was an array of photos; each one reflecting her love for life, the sparkle of her blue-violet eyes gleaming with happiness, and the genuine glow of kindness projected from her rosy, water-colored cheeks. I wanted to shout, �But you are beautiful!�

Beauty is more than a pleasing appearance. It is an echo from within the soul. It is the sweet and tender melody, sung from the heart�.But all she could see was the extra fifty pounds that she carried on her frame, and not the harmonious face of an innocent angel.

�For every beauty, there is an eye somewhere to see it.�~ Ivan Panin

In other words, each of us is beautiful in our own way. Just as God produces a garden of many different types and varieties of flowers, he has produced many faces and features, not meant to please every eye, but meant to please a particular eye.

�Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.�~ Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

Several years ago, I had the unique opportunity to serve on a panel of judges for a local beauty pageant. The evening was a parade of pearly, white smiles, some phony, some true and bestowed bouquets of dresses in hues of many colors and designs. Each participant displayed a canvas of articulate brushstrokes of makeup and sculptures of hair styles; which were accented with glitz and glamour and fragrance by perfume.

As the contestants poised and strolled across the stage, one by one, there was a short, slightly chubby girl that caught my eye. There was nothing lavish about her looks, and her pale yellow dress was simple, in comparison to the others; but when she smiled it was as if the billowy white clouds of the sky had parted and a brilliant ray of sunshine shone down from the clouds and bathed the earth in radiant warmth. Apparently, she also warmed the hearts and attention of the other judges as well, because she was chosen as one of the top-five finalists.

One of the privileges I had as a member of the judge�s panel, was being appointed to write the final question that each contender had to answer as they individually stepped unto the stage to present their best, last impression before we judges chose the winner.

The group of finalists was ushered into a small room, away from the stage and out of hearing distance. Then each contestant was escorted to the stage to individually have their turn in the spotlight, giving their answer to the question they had not heard given to the one before. The question was:

�If you could be any part of a flower; which part would you be and why?�

When the question was written, I was looking for an answer with some substance. I was looking for some thought. I was looking for some creativity in their answers. I was looking for someone who was more than �just a pretty face�. And as each young lady replied to the question, there was a similarity in each of their responses that basically said�if I could be any part of a flower, I would chose to be the petals so I could be beautiful��

Except for the response from that short and slightly chubby young lady in the simple, pale yellow dress. Instead she paused for a brief second and then said, �Flowers are a beautiful creation of God and each of their parts were miraculously designed to serve a specific purpose; but without their roots a flower cannot survive. The roots enable the flower to be firmly planted in the earth and allow them to withstand fierce winds and heavy rains. The roots absorb the moisture and nutrients from the rich soil and carry them throughout the rest of the plant, giving it life, enhancing the beauty and fragrance of the petals for all to enjoy. I would choose to be the roots.�

Bravo, bravo....This answer was better than the one that I was looking for! The crowd stood to its feet and roared and within minutes it was easy for us judges to decide the winner. And the short, slightly chubby girl in the pale yellow dress was crowded the queen.

As she stood on the stage, with her tiara in place and her banner pinned proudly to that simple, pale yellow dress, tears glistened in her eyes and slide down her freckled cheeks; all the time, her smile radiating a glow as warm as the summer sun, penetrating the flowers and allowing them to grow.

When I was leaving the event, several of the finalists were scattered around the room with their friends and family, gathering the rest of the belongings. As I was walking away, I heard the first runner- up whispering to her Mother, �Can you believe she won in that plain, simple dress?�

We judges had definitely chosen the right winner. �Beauty is only skin deep.��and she was the most beautiful of them all.

�By plucking her petals, you do not gather the beauty of the flower.�~ Rabindarth Tugore

Each of you bring a special beauty to life...Don't ever forget that !

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    emoticon I loved this story. The judges chose the right girl, the one with heart
    2224 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    What a beautiful story!

    I chose the roots too for that very reason. Think of a simple tulip. They flower for just a couple of days, and then their leaves fall off. They are incomplete, and the rest slowly withers away and dies. But since the roots are intact, they return once again the following spring to add their short-lived beauty to the garden.

    Thank you for sharing it.
    2226 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2227 days ago
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