Mud Run 2015..... On Cloud 9!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

I did it! Plain & simple.

I completed my very first Mud Run! And have the completely and utterly dirty pictures to prove it!!

AND...... I had a freakin' BLAST!!!

I was SO VERY nervous about this race. I'm sooooo not a runner, and have never attempted anything with an obstacle course before. I knew it was designed to be lots of fun, but that didn't keep the nerves at bay!

Race Day came and I was a flippin' HOT MESS!!! I was doing it as part of a team with my F45 family, (approx 40 people) and had some super great friends with me! Some of them were Mud Run virgins too! :-)
My husband who is a total God-send drove me and was a total trooper hanging out by himself the whole time waiting for me to finish.
And wait he did....... It took me ONE HOUR & 22 MINUTES to complete the 5K obstacle course! LOLOLOL But..... I crossed that Finish Line!

Actually, I have since checked out the Final Results and the average time was 1:5, so really I wasn't tooooo awfully far behind that. Next year's goal? Under an hour! :-)

Anyway, one of my good friends, Lisa was doing it with me and we made a pact before it started to stick together. Turns out there was a group of 4 of us that all stuck together. PLUS, our F45 trainer & another awesome F45 Superstar stayed with us the whole time also. They SOOOO didn't need to do that. They probably could have finished that course in 1/3 of the time we took, but they were so supportive and stuck with us to the Finish Line.
It actually brings me to tears (still) to think about that. What absolutely caring souls. They knew we were all first-timers and they knew we were all nervous. They also knew we weren't the fastest of the bunch either.
It is truly heartwarming to know how much our trainer cares for us. She was there for us, not her. Amazing.

I also can burst into tears at any given time when I even think about my accomplishments. I earned my first "Finisher Medal" and it is hanging proudly in my car. I've been thinking about doing something like this for awhile, but never had the guts. Or the confidence. Now.... I KNOW I can do it.

Onto the Race. There were only really 2 obstacles that I couldn't quite master. A crazy wall climb (using a rope) and one of the tire walls. Everything else was doable. It may have not been pretty, but it was accomplished!
My friend, Lisa actually bounced her face off of the crazy wall climb thingy! OUCH! I laughed..... after we made sure she was ok! :-)

There was one stretch of the Race that was quite a bit of running. We were actually running around a bean field. At that point was my lowest. I am soooo not a runner..... did I mention that? But pretty soon we got past the worst of that and onto some more obstacles and running through the woods. :-)

Not only is it made muddy by the staff, it also down poured on us..... TWICE! LOL Making it all the better...... I think! LOL We were already covered head to toe in mud, why not rain??? But that rain did slick everything up, for sure!

Ok....enough talk. Let's get to the pictures!

Here's a few of me and our group:

My F45 Family! (I'm in the back, can't really see me too well)

That's me coming out of the tunnel! The girl looking back at me is my F45 trainer! Love her!

That's me on the far right, with 2 of my good friends headed into these tunnels!

Me crawling out of the tunnel!

Over the FIRE for the FINISH!

All cleaned up (mostly) sportin' my new shirt and my beloved Finisher Medal!!!

These tunnels and the Finish Line were the only obstacles in good shot of the Spectators, so they're the only pics my dear Hubby could get of me. But....
Here's the link to the Mud Run's pictures that show most of the obstacles. Actually what is missing here are any pictures of the MULTIPLE muddy inclines and declines that we had to encounter! And some of those were more brutal than the actual obstacles!

THEN, this happened.....
DH & I made homemade pizza when we got home! YUMMY!

I'm a little bruised and battered, and my muscles were SUPER DUPER sore all day Saturday and Sunday, BUT..... I'll do it again for sure!!!

Bring on Mud Run 2016!

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