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Have a Coke and a Smile !

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

**Please note that while I am referring to this slogan, I am not here to promote drinking Coke, Diet Coke, or any soda pop at all, for that matter, in any way. And, no….this has nothing to do with losing weight. It’s just a story to make you smile.

Do you remember back in the 70’s when Coca-Cola had the slogan, “Have a Coke and smile”? Well, yesterday my husband had a Coke that definitely gave me a smile… a smile that stayed with me for the rest of the day and into the evening.

Why would a Coke make me smile, you asked? … No, it’s not because I love drinking it. It’s not because I eliminated it from my diet and had a bottle as a reward. It’s not because the sugar in it give me a euphoric high, although there is enough sugar in it that it could. As a matter of fact, I never touch the stuff. I am a water and iced-tea kind-of-girl.
My husband’s Coke made me smile because of this…..

Now, for those of you that have never read my blog before, my daughter’s name is Larissa. When I first heard the name, I fell in love with it. I particularly liked it, not only because it had a beautiful sound, but because it was so unique. I had never personally met anyone named Larissa. And so, when my daughter was born, it became her name…it wasn’t long before I became discouraged because I could never find anything personalized with her name on it.

Also for those of you that have never read my blog, you are not aware that my daughter passed from this earth fifteen years ago, at the age of ten, due to complications from cancer. While I have missed her dearly, I have always found some comfort in knowing that she is also there, watching over me. Sometimes you just have to believe in things that cannot be seen.

And so, yesterday, as my husband was leaving work, he grabbed a quick drink from the cooler for the ride home, finding the Coke bottle bearing my daughter’s beautiful name. When he noticed it, he went back, grabbed another, and bought them both….One for the ride and one to bring home to me. What a gift! He couldn’t have brought home anything better (and I still never see anything with her name on it).

I believe that sometimes God sends you signs of encouragement, just when you need them the most. Sometimes, he sends you just the simplest of things to lift you up, make you smile, and feel his loving presence; whether it is in your mourning, your longing, your discouragement, or even in your dieting.
So have a Coke and a smile and remember……

“Freedom is a place, an area. It's a higher place. There are some other people that are here, and things that are here which are unseen. But you first have to set yourself free and believe in what you cannot see, believe that there is something more out there. In freedom can be found many devotions: a devotion to love, a desire to believe, a willingness to be happy, a perseverance to have peace. All these unseen things breathe and grow in the unseen soul. A free person is not an uncommitted person, but in a free person you will find a deep devotion, and a desire to be devoted to even more.”
― Joy C. Bell

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