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Week 5 Reflection

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

OK I just realized I am a week ahead. It's because my first blog was posted during the practice round...I'm not going to change it now. Hopefully it won't cause me any confusion later on!

I maintained my weight this week, which was a little bit disappointing, since I worked out like a demon almost every day. My eating overall was good but I did go over range two days and I know I need to correct that behavior. I am looking forward to camping this weekend and have planned lots of freggies to incorporate into my meals. I know we will be doing lots of hiking too so that will help!

I need to get back to doing more TurboJam/Aerobics. Most of my exercise now is walking and hiking, which is great but I don't think I'm getting as much of a calorie burn. When I lost 50lbs before, I was doing TJ 3-4 days a week and maybe that's what made the difference.

I have to admit I am getting a little bit down in this process and I have to remind myself that I didn't get this way overnight and I will not get to my goal overnight either. I have a lifetime of bad habits to overcome and I am battling to beat them every day.

I will get there, thanks to Sparkpeople and The Tenacious Jungle Tigers! ROAR!!!
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    Walking and hiking is good for minutes, but I agree about it not being the best calorie burn. I have been doing some sort of BeachBody workout for 30-45 minutes, plus whatever the daily workout is for the Tigers, and walking..every single day. It is working for me. Not saying it would work for you, but I definitely feel better and like I got a better workout if I do some sort of aerobic-type something.
    1929 days ago
    I agree with Cyndi--you will be better off in the long run doing exercises that you like. Mixing things up is good because your body can adapt and become too efficient if you always do the same activity, but doing things you enjoy doing will help you keep doing it in the long run.

    I don't do high impact/intense dvds. With my bad hip, cranky knee and angry wrists, there are too many exercises on those that hurt to do (and can cause actual damage to my poor damaged joints) but that still leaves a lot of things I *can* do and even enjoy doing--walking, biking, fencing, and swimming especially. I do strength training to help build up muscle and workout consistently to make my body leaner, fitter, and stronger. The results maybe aren't as fast, but it does help.

    Most likely, as long as you ate on target for what your exercise level is, the reason you aren't seeing progress on the scale is one of two reasons--first, intense activity causes minute muscle tears. This is actually a good thing in the long run, because that's how muscles grow. But in the short run, the body protects the muscles with inflammation so that it can heal, and inflammation equals weight gain. When my bad hip becomes inflamed, I have quite literally gained 5 pounds over night--all water retention. The other thing to keep in mind is that muscle is denser than fat--so you can be burning fat and taking up less space physically but actually weigh *more* It's one of the big reasons I try not to care too much about what the scale says. Since joining sparks, I actually gained over 50 pounds--while still wearing the same clothes. That's because I started with very little muscle and have been busy rebuilding all the muscle mass I lost after I hurt my hip. I'd much rather be able to *do* things--like walking Disneyworld on my own two feet without needing to use a wheelchair like I did the last time I had been--than care what the scale says.

    It's one of the reasons why sparks etc. encourage you to measure more than just your weight. If the scale is going up and you are gaining inches, than it's cause for concern. If not... don't worry about it.
    1929 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    I hope you get out of the funk! My best advice is to do what you love for exercise. If you really like TJ, do it, if not find something else. This journey is not to punish yourself but to find your way to a happy and healthy lifestyle. I can't do those high intensity programs, I just don't like them. So I walk, swim, walk, do a little strength training (which I'm actually starting to like) and such.

    If you worked out like a demon and didn't see results this week it may be because you've added a little excess water while healing the muscles. Don't sweat it too much because I had a gain of 4 pounds over 2 weeks (weigh in's 1 & 2) last week I saw a drop in weight of nearly 3 lbs as my body released some of that water/inflammation.

    Have Fun!!
    1929 days ago
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