Subliminal Exercise? ...

Thursday, July 09, 2015

I can't recall from where I typed up this note and pasted it in my Journal; but the thoughts seem worth remembering. 1) Today, I am choosing exercise to increase my physical fitness 2) I release all (my) resistance to physical activity 3) I let go of all (my) internal struggles to exercise regularly 4) I rise above, physical and mental exhaustion 5) I AM FREE TO LET GO OF ALL RESISTANCE TO EXERCISE 6) I have replaced the need for "instant results," with patience and persistence 7) I FORGIVE MYSELF FOR MAKING EXCUSES NOT TO EXERCISE 8) Anxiety about exercise is separate from me now 9) I am free to let go of "old, unsupportive attitudes" about working out 10) I CHOSE PERSISTENT ACTION AND PERSEVERANCE OVER "GIVING UP" EVERY TIME
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