When Will I Ever Learn?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Did I mention that Daniel had a problem with his temper when I wrote about his impending visit? He claimed to have gotten a lot better, which I guess meant that he only thought the bad things and didn't mention them that often. Mostly, we had a very nice visit. So nice that he really didn't want to go home. But it really started nagging on me that he yelled at me about stupid, insignificant things, like where I parked my car. It seemed it was never the right spot. Like how I was apparently incompetent at using the remote on my own TV! It got so that I was afraid to do anything lest I awaken the anger beast. This is not to say that he didn't buy me a great dinner on my birthday or that it wasn't fun going to the movies and having other meals out or that the domestic stuff wasn't generally pleasant...

But then there was the drinking, especially during trivia. I'm talking 7 or 8 beers a night, and the next one coming before the last one was finished. We parted quite amicably and I was kinda willing to work on all this, even though I was starting to realize that the differences between us would likely prove too much. But there was my reunion, where I was supposed to stay with him and go on the transatlantic cruise 10 days later. I couldn't mess that all up, could I?

It was an email that sent me over the edge, of all things. He was very concerned that I hadn't made plans or indicated what I wanted to do when I was in Florida. He likes DETAILS! Well, mid-to-late October. He swore I definitely hadn't actually asked him to go with the reunion with me, and how many times was he expected to drive to Orlando? Ummm...yes I had asked him, several times, and told him we just needed to go to one dinner. I've noticed before that his memory seemed to have lots of holes in it. Could it have anything to do with the drinking? I wouldn't be surprised.

So I wrote him an email because I knew I'd get really upset if I tried to do this over the phone. I wasn't going to go to the reunion with him or go on the cruise. I anticipated that this would upset him very much. I went about canceling my cruise, and later I got a rather nice but regretful-sounding email from him. The next day, I received scathing emails informing me that I had canceled HIS cruise! I said I didn't, but apparently I am not well-versed in the proper wording nor was I even aware that I had the power to cancel his cruise. He got everything squared away and reinstated it all, except that they were charging a penalty for the canceled airfare. I knew that would be the case for me, but he was making threatening noises about my having to reimburse him if they didn't reverse the decision. Apparently, they did, quite a while ago, after insisting they wouldn't. They even did not charge me, which was totally unexpected, and for which I am very grateful. Just found this out today when I looked to see if any refund had come off my credit card.

I reinstated my OkCupid account and was kinda inundated with messages, but I noticed that my 99% match, whom I had met and seen a few times, was on there with a new username. I contacted him, even though I had not been attracted to him, and he was happy to hear from me. So we're going out next week.. I figure if I could get attracted to Daniel when I was sure I couldn't, I should give this another shot and really get to know Robert this time. We agree on all kinds of things that are very important.

Sorry for laying out all my trials and tribulations here. Wasn't planning on being part of a soap opera! But thanks for letting me vent! I know now that I really do want someone in my life in some capacity. Wish me luck!
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