1st Day at Gym in over Year! My MOJO is in HIGH GEAR!! I'm Ready for The Week Ahead!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Happy Sunday!!!

Well today me & the hubby hit the gym!! I did the bike, treadmill, & hip abduction machine!! So, I wasn't able to walk as fast on the treadmill as I could a year ago before breaking my leg but I did manage to stay at a 5% incline on the treadmill for 20 minutes.

New SNACK: I found that I actually love All-natural sweet potato chips which is funny considering I HATE Sweet Potatoes!! I could actually read all of the ingredients in the chips!! I found a new snack & eat less of them than regular chips I noticed.

Thanks to one of the fab spark members I added an page to my journal called "Victory Page." Here is where I will track all of my small & large milestones/victories. I realized that milestones don't have to be just victories on the emoticon Me resisting that emoticon & slice of my FAVE emoticon was a VICTORY!! So I wrote those 2 victories down b/c the old me would've eaten them even though I really didn't want them but just "because." So when I do have a cupcake or slice of cake it will be because I've busted my butt all week or it's a part of my "Goodie Meal." I won't just eat junk food just because but it will be a planned food that I want & not because it's in front of me.

Having this "Victory Page" in my journal will also help me when I am having a crappy day or feeling like "why isn't the scale moving" or "I just want to throw in the towel" ~ NO, I can see hey on 10/9 you had a victory of turning down the cupcake!! So I will know that I have had several victories along the way even when the scale doesn't move!!

*** Goals For this Week ***

Food: Track all of my meals & water. Drink nothing but emoticon daily.

Exercise: To Workout a Minimum of 4 days this week. Go to gym 4 days or incorporate at home workout. emoticon emoticon
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