It Can Still be an On-Program Day!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Today I made plans to go to lunch with some friends. I had my lunch selected and calories all mapped out in advance. I stuck to it. I was proud of myself.

Apparently maintaining my willpower for that lunch did me in. When I got back from lunch I was told there was a surprise birthday cake for a colleague. It was a surprise to all of us because he's new to the department. I almost always know when these events will be. I pre-plan either how I will eat some food and stay on program or how I will decline food and enjoy the company.

Not today. Oh no. I had that piece of cake when it was handed to me. Ate the whole piece. Yes I did.

Then I thought about ice cream. I had that age-old conversation with myself. "You already cheated today. Eat anything you want for the rest of the day and suffer the consequences tomorrow."

Except I have not been very faithful to my goals in the past few days. As you know I've been choosing unhealthy food for some of my self care. This disappoints me. I did it. I can't change that. I told myself I was done with it and I got back on program. As I stood in front of that ice cream freezer (free ice cream every day at my office) I chose to have a different inner dialogue.

"No, you don't know how many calories that cake was. If you go back to your computer and enter it on Sparkpeople you will know.

Yes, you might have gone over program calories. You can still make dinner choices that can help you stay on program.

Yes, it might be too late to stay on program for today if you've already gone over. You're not going to compound it with ice cream."

I marched myself back to my desk. I entered that cake in my food tracker. And GUESS WHAT! With modified dinner choices I finished the day on program.

I know it was a "slip" day but I self corrected. I must say, that makes me very very happy.

Next Morning Update: THE SCALE WENT DOWN!!
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