Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sugar sugar ---remember that jingle? Had a nice beat---And once again it beat me!! We had a funeral in my family 10 days ago so that meant travelling which meant long hours sitting in a vehicle and also meant stress and unhealthy funeral food. So----I cratered, tried to recover and did, for a couple of days and then Thanksgiving came and more hours in a vehicle. Oh yeah, I have all kinds of excuses for letting down my guard and eating all the wrong foods. I can't believe how easy it has been to slip back into my addictive behaviour. The cravings were becoming stronger and stronger. I thought the cravings would eventually go away but I guess 3 months away from sweets isn't long enough. When I go off the track I really go off the track -- nope nothing halfway for me it's full speed ahead at full throttle. I eat, I slip away from exercising, walking goes by the wayside and I don't track my food intake. This usually goes on for weeks and usually I gain every ounce back that was so hard to lose and usually I feel crappy, no energy, lethargic, tired and generally don't care. Please note I said USUALLY. Well, friends, this time it is not going to go as Usual!! I have Spark People, I KNOW I have Spark Friends who are here to encourage me and give me that PUSH. I know that I can do it and doggone it I am going to do it.

This has been a hard blog for me to write cause I didn't want to admit to my Sparklers that I slipped and thought I would just be quiet for a few days then kind of come back unnoticed and thought when I did come back I would have it all together and be back on track and nobody would be the wiser!!! But I don't want to go on for weeks on this crazy merry go round, feeling yucky and all the while gaining weight AS USUAL. Not this time, this time is different, this time I have SparkPeople.

Get off my back old behaviour and find your own ride somewhere else cause I am kicking you to the curb NOW and going forward on my new journey with my Sparklers.

I will update my status daily to reinforce my decision and to keep me honest, to be accountable, to let you, my Sparklers know I am serious, to let you know I am human, that I make mistakes and that I am worthy of your friendship.


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  • no profile photo CD12095358
    Great blog ....wish I could follow your lead and get with the program again.... Good luck!
    1870 days ago
    Verna I feel for you, and I know EXACTLY what you mean. Sugar does that for me too. I can tolerate a very small amount of sugar in my diet, but when I go over that, the sugar binges take me full on. And everything else falls apart too- the tracking,mthe exercise etc. Good for you for recognizing this, and stopping it before it goes on for months. And if you have had days you have slipped back, don't let that discourage you. Each day IS a new day to get that demon sugar out of your system.

    Thanks for the honesty of your blog. I have lived that pattern myself.
    1870 days ago
  • MAYIE53
    I am in the exact same position as you are at the moment and I've got the 7 extra pounds to prove it. Thanksgiving was what tipped me over the edge, after a couple of weeks of not exactly being on track. And I spent Thanksgiving dinner seated opposite a young man (early 20s) who weighed OVER 600 POUNDS!!! You'd think that would be enough to make me stop. Nope. In fact it worked in the opposite direction. I was at first shocked to see a person's thigh be twice as big as my middle. Then I felt really angry with his parents for allowing this. Then I just felt sick and kind of horrified to realize just how easy it is to fall back into unhealthy patterns of eating and not exercising. I still feel sick. Lethargic. Nauseous. Uncomfortable. Not able to sleep because my mind is racing.
    I know this must stop but all I see on the horizon is Halloween, then Christmas. Being cooped up inside because I hate the cold. Withdrawing . . . I know you can do it because you are determined. I'm just not sure I can do it.
    1875 days ago
    All those things that were going on. They are all difficult challenges. So, things didn't go quite the way that you would have hoped. You are back home and you are committed again. You have the resources that you need.

    (In reference to your last line) - Getting off track because of travels, funeral, Thanksgiving doesn't mean that you aren't worthy of friendship. There is absolutely nothing to feel unworthy about.

    Your health is the important thing.

    1875 days ago
    It is great you shared going off track - just as you wrote, your new skills, positive attitude and the support here make a huge difference! You recognized the pattern and have a realistic plan to get back on track - that is the key of success.
    1875 days ago
  • DJC2021
    Great blog. It seems all of us have lived that behavior. Hooray for you and your honest.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1876 days ago
    I wore those shoes too!

    Way to be honest. Honesty is one of the foundation blocks to success! did you try tracking all that stuff you ate? I did. I was surprised that it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was!

    OK, so that's over. Forgive yourself. Learn from the choices you made. Move on. Make new choices. Sounds like you are already doing that! You my dear are worthy! Kick off those old shoes and let's go! One foot in front of the other!
    1876 days ago
    You slipped, you're human. The important thing is dusting yourself off and getting back to what matters most, your optimal health. Good for you for realizing it before it went too far. emoticon emoticon
    1876 days ago
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