Successful Week!! 5 Days Worked OUT!! Healthy Food All Week! PICS Included!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Happy Saturday!!

Here's my Weekly Re-Cap:

My goal was to workout a minimum of 4 days this week; however, I got in 5 days this week!! Here's a pic of some of my days at the gym.. Gym: Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, & Sat.

I have no unhealthy junk food in the house.. I stuck to my meals being cooked for the entire week. It made meal prep so easy having my meals planned for last week & for next week is already planned also. I must say the family LOVED all of the recipes that I cooked. The guys really loved the meal in the pic below from what I made for dinner tonight..

"Steak Veggie Stir-fry" - a healthier alternative to Takeout from Chinese Restaurant.. This will go into my recipe rotation!! Made with lean steak, cabbage, bell peppers (orange, green & red), green beans, broccoli, & onions. Used 2 packets of soy sauce & 6 packets of duck sauce. Once broken down to per serving size you get 350 calories for 1.5 cups. This was very filling meal..

Some healthy meals I cooked included ~ Homemade BBQ Chicken Flatbread (350 calories per cooked flatbread), 2 Lean pork chops (4 oz) with couscous, & collard greens (330 calories).

Baked noodles with ground turkey casserole (pic below) made with 100% whole wheat noodles, tomatoes, tomato sauce, ground turkey, 2.5% reduced fat sargento mexican cheese (360 calories).

I'm looking forward to another great week!! I was proud of myself that despite a very STRESSFUL week at work I didn't give into eating junk food. I'm noticing that my face is clearing up. My Energy level has improved TREMENDOUSLY!!

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