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Crossed Lines, Bisquick Butt, and Other Musings

Monday, October 19, 2015

**The below contains a couple of censored foul words...just FYI.

Hello, Sparkers! It's been a while since my last blog, and I want to share some recent happenings with y'all. I did an impromptu weigh-in yesterday, and came in at 160 lbs - this is a 4 lb loss from my last weigh-in in September. I haven't updated my SP profile with that number yet, as I plan to update when I reach the 150s, which is so close I can taste it! (And it tastes like pumpkin spice kale! And pumpkin spice chicken breast! And pumpkin spice nonfat cottage cheese! Ok, I'm done now - a shout out to SP member ADARKARA, who just LOVES pumpkin spice. *wink*) :-)

Although I am now averaging about a 5 lb loss per month, I am not on schedule to reach my goal weight of 132 lbs by my birthday in January, as per my Weight Over Time report. (Note for those who only use the mobile app: There is a report you can run on the full SP website that charts your 'weight over time'. It shows a blue line, representing your entered weight value, and a yellowish-orange line representing where your weight should be at a particular date in your journey, based on how you set up your profile/goals.) While my lines ran parallel for a while, they have now crossed, showing I am behind schedule, and you know what? I'm cool with it. I have now lost a total of 37 lbs, since finding SparkPeople in April, and I will charge on, as I have more goals to accomplish! I'm comfortably wearing size 10 pants. Endurance is improved, energy levels are up, and I'm rarely hungry - even on days when I only eat around 1200 calories. Tracking my nutrition has been such a key component of my weight loss, it's CRAZY-effective. So, if you are new to SP, or looking to get back on the SP wagon, I encourage you to start with the nutrition tracker!

This past Saturday, my husband and I took 2 of our dogs to the annual CAP Howl-o-ween Dog Walk, which benefits CAP (Citizens for Animal Protection) animal shelter. It is a 1-mile walk, and they also have vendor booths and a doggy costume contest. It's a really fun event, and I have gone every year since I first got Rainey from CAP in 2010. I posted a pic this weekend, but here's another - what can I say? I love posting pics of my pups!

We would've taken all 3 of our dogs to the event, but our Maltese, Husker, is a grumpy old man who does not play well with others, so we left him at home to relax in the quiet house. :-)

Lastly, here are some thoughts/musings - sometimes I think of things to write about, but not write an entire blog about, so here they are:

1. My ability to eyeball portions is improving - the only things I've been weighing/measuring lately are cereal, nuts, trail mix, small crackers, chips, and dried fruit - these are all foods I have a tendency to go overboard with, so I find it's necessary to measure them before consumption.

2. I now notice when people around me are powerhousing large amounts of food...and I really dislike that I notice this. :/ At lunch, an acquaintance stated how stuffed she was, but she proceeded to finish the rest of the food on her plate. It bothers me to see this, and I hate that - I hope I'm not giving these people disapproving looks or anything, especially since I used to eat larger-than-normal portions on a regular basis. In the past, my mom has made comments to me and my stepdad when we eat a portion larger than she deems necessary, and I don't want to be like that!

3. People are really starting to notice my weight loss, and I've even been called 'skinny' a couple times, LMAO. One of my coworkers (who I'm cool with, and who knows I've been watching my calories), looked me up and down the other day, and said 'Tapeworm?' I replied, 'Yep, just got a fresh shipment in - ya want one?' I've never been one to mind the attention I receive from weight loss, as long as it's not creepy - the normal attention from coworkers and friends is cool with me. I must add to this, though - if you are at the beginning of your journey, and friends & family haven't said anything about your weight loss, do not be frustrated - people didn't start noticing my weight until I had lost about 18 lbs (a little less than 10% of my starting weight), and even then, it was only a couple of friends. It wasn't until I got to about a 30 lb loss, that people started asking 'How much weight have you lost?!' Also, some men have only said something to me, when they've overheard me speaking about weight loss with another person - it's like, they didn't want to appear creepy or offensive by saying something about it, and coming off all wrong (which I can totally understand, since sometimes, weight loss 'compliments' do not come off as such.)

4. My backside is turning into Bisquick Butt. Yep, you read that right. It's the only way I can accurately describe it - lumpy pancake batter. I've always had plenty of junk in the trunk, but now that I am losing weight, my butt is looking a bit deflated. Underwear are fitting weird. 'Tis frustrating, but I know what I need to do - more lower-body strength training. So, that is my next small goal - to complete 2 days per week of lower-body strength training. During this journey, my workouts have been my weakness - I do love to make excuses for not working out. Time to change that.

5. Totally random: I've decided I really dislike the word 'nourish'. I have no idea why. Do you have a totally normal word you cannot stand? It is the strangest thing! haha

6. Two people have told me that since I'm now losing weight, it will make it easier to get pregnant. Since I have never expressed a desire to them, or anyone, that I want to have children, this comment is both perplexing and inappropriate. As I age, I was hoping these comments would go away, but I was wrong. *sigh*

7. Now that my legs are a bit slimmer, I love that I can shave them faster. Awwww yeahhhhhhh!

8. I'm still hunting down an appropriate Before Picture to show you guys from earlier this spring when I weighed 197. I have one pic, but I'm wearing super baggy pajamas, so it's hard to accurately see how big I was. I also look like a hot mess in the pic, and I'm carrying Husker in a tote bag, so it's just a strange visual, haha. Perhaps my mom has a better pic, and if I can find one, I'll post it.

9. Here is a quote I heard on Friday, and found especially fitting:

"Hope is not a plan."

THIS IS PERFECT. This is why SP works - it gives you metrics. There are so many diet/healthy living/exercise plans out there, and let's be honest - if it's not measurable, it's bullsh*t.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you guys have a great week!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon to your progress,
    both in weight loss and in building and maintaining healthy habits!
    SP Nutrition Tracker and Weight Report are wonderful tools.

    I see what you mean finding a good before picture... It took me a long time too, as I did not have many pics from those times. Finally I got one from a co-worker. She mentioned she came across pics from our 2008 office Christmas part, and congratulated me on how far I have come : )
    2062 days ago
    Lots of good results for you! Some of those "noticing things" can be annoying, I find myself getting disgusted with commercials and some people around me who can just shovel food and not care about how bad it is for them to do that, but overall handle it well lol. Don't worry too much about the looks you're giving them as long as you're being careful and those people are busy eating, they probably don't notice.
    2067 days ago
    I sh*t you not, I drove by a storage unit place today that had on their sign "We now have pumpkin spice storage units!" I nearly pulled over and took a pic. *sigh*

    People should not say anything about having children to childless women unless that woman has specifically stated she's interested. I'm 34 and married and am asked so often when I'm going to have kids. I'm not interested. Plus, it's always people who don't know me hardly at all. How do they know I'm not infertile or something? It's rude.

    Also? I hate people calling me "skinny". I'm not, and I consider it derogatory. I prefer "fit"!

    As for your Bisquick butt (haha)... SQUATS SQUATS AND MORE SQUATS. emoticon

    Thanks for the shout out!
    2068 days ago
  • SA555Y
    Wow a busy wonderful day with the walk n pups plus a wonderful busy mind. I am so happy for you. Never thought of words i hate i know there some i remember being upset when i hear then promptly forget what the word is strange i know :-):-):-):-):-)
    2068 days ago
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