New Beginnings: October update

Monday, October 26, 2015

It's hard to believe October is almost over. I don't feel like I've even had an October.

Nothing exciting to report really. I am continuing to have issues eating food which my surgeon tells me is my damaged and diseased liver- not my stomach. I really felt real relief upon hearing this because I was beginning to think this was what life would be like for the rest of time. He tells me that someday when my liver begins to heal better I will be able to eat without wanting to cry or throw up. That will be nice.

My energy and exercise level are much improved. I can be out of my wheelchair for long periods of time- last weekend I was in an antique store for an hour without anything to help and no sitting. As long as I'm moving I do pretty good. Standing is still a killer. I've lost 43% of the weight the back Dr. said I had to lose for them to consider surgery, and that is since mid-July. So that is a hopeful thing.

I still battle with depression about all this. I am in 2 different groups for bariatric surgery and this seems to be a fairly common thing, especially with those who have had complications to surgery as I did. But I am working on accepting the gifts of each day- and there are many of those.

I've finally updated my ticker with my actual, real-life goal. I've never done that- preferring to take it in chunks of 50 pounds or something smaller even. But now I am ready to look at the long picture and still appreciate the little steps it takes to get there.

Here is a 2 month photo check my husband did- it's been almost another month since these were taken so I'll update again soon.

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